4 Crucial Reasons why should Consider Sleeve Packaging for your Cigarettes

Cigarette Sleeve Packaging Boxes

Every product has a different nature, therefore, demands a different kind of packaging for it. You can’t go for packing a hair extension in a gable bag and a cake in a pillow box because they are not a perfect fit for each other. But some of the packaging boxes share the attributes. That go for the packaging of multiple products like sleeve packaging boxes. Either it’s about bakery products packaging or your fragile makeup, or tobaccos product like cigarettes, sleeve boxes serve you perfectly.

Although, the government is taking many steps for creating awareness about the harms of smoking. But still the ratio of smokers is growing rapidly. Particularly the teens belonging from the elite class are the major lovers of cigarettes. And that’s the reason we see a wide range of cigarette brands in the market who are now working for bringing flavored cigarettes to fascinate their customers. And most importantly, have you ever noticed the packaging of reputed cigarettes brands? Yes, they revise their packaging after every few months to be in the limelight of the market.

If you are also running a cigarette brand and want it to earn a reputable rank bring a variety in their packaging along with the production. You can take assistance from cigarette sleeve boxes as they can greatly help you in giving your customers a unique packaging and product experience. Let’s see in detail how:

Sleeve Cigarette Packaging is A Style in Itself:

As discussed earlier, elite class people are the major consumers of cigarettes. And they demand a style and class in the products they use. Using sleeve packaging for your cigarettes can give your customers a different experience rather than the ordinary tuck top boxes. The smoothness of the box and the sliding opening will give them a mesmerizing feel. And of course a style and ease in picking a cigarette roll out of the box. Further, this unique style and user-friendly nature of the boxes will help you in making smokers permanent customers of your cigarettes for the rest.

Sleeve Cigarette Boxes

Sleeve Boxes Are Pocket Friendly:

Usually, the persons into smoking like to carry their cigarette boxes every time with them. Therefore, they require their cigarette rolls to be in a box. That is easy to fit in the pocket and should be light in weight. So, here again, sleeve packaging proves itself the best pick for placing the cigarettes. It’s because sleeve boxes are made from cardboard of Kraft therefore light in weight and usually come in small sizes. You can even customize their size according to the size of your cigarette rolls. This way, you can get your cigarette rolls a pocket packaging which will make them the first choice of smokers.

Sleeve Boxes Help in Branding:

There are a lot of cigarette producers operating in the market therefore the completion is a little tough. What can save you in such a scenario is the poignant marketing of the product, and for this option, no other option is better than customized cigarette sleeve boxes. You have the room for inculcating your creativity into the packaging. For example, designing, customization of brand label and tagline, graphical illustration, and much more. These all things positively complement the product’s appearance while making it attention-grabbing enough in the first look. Further, this way, your product will reach the maximum number of people in less time while retaining you a good name in the market.

Sleeve Cigarette Packaging Take Less of Our Budget:

One of the major problems of the product business owners is the budget. Because they have to manage expenses for the production and the packaging too. If you are also worried about a budget-friendly yet classic packaging solution for your exclusive cigarettes, shift to the sleeve cigarette boxes. It’s because they are made from natural material which is easy to customize according to the requirements, therefore, the prices are low. Moreover, when you get the boxes from wholesale, you get some amazing discounts along with free shipping and free design support. This way, your packaging budget cuts to the maximum. And you can have an artistic packaging of your choice for your cigarettes with less investment.

How Custom Boxes Helps to Raise Your Vape Juices’ Reach In Market?

Vape Cartridge Boxes

E juices or Vape Juices are a combination of nicotine, water, flavorings, and propylene glycol and are trending in our young adults. Since the government is running too many campaigns against the consummation of Nicotine but since the legalization of tobacco, its use is gradually increasing. Majorly teens and adults belonging to the elite class are addicted to it. That’s the reason most tobacco brands are offering their vape juices in multiple flavors for mesmerizing their customers.

The increased number of Vape Juice brands has aroused great confusion in picking out the best one among all. Particularly the ones who are into the consumption of Vape juices are in problem due to this crowd of brands. In such a case, what can help you other than the flavors to grab customers’ attention and make them believe in the quality of your vape products is their fancy packaging. And for bringing required festivity in packaging no other option is better than opting for Vape Cartridge boxes. They are not just the packaging boxes but a tool for rising you as a vape juice manufacturer in the market.

Marketing Thorough Custom Vape Juice Boxes:

When you are running a product brand you must do its proper advertisement for letting the customers know that you are there. And if it’s about vape juices the advertisement is like a vertebral bone since the crowd of vape juice brands is already there. Each of them is doing very sincere efforts to sustain their vape juices at a certain ran. There are multiple marketing strategies that they are practicing however if we talk about the most impactful one then it won’t be saying wrong that it is the use of custom packaging boxes. At this point, most people ask the question

What Ranks Custom Boxes At The Top For Stability Of Vape Juice Brands?

As mentioned earlier the major shoppers of vape juices are the adults belonging to the elite class who pay ahead to the visuals of the products the most. They even judge the quality of the products through the fact, how it is presented to them. And the custom boxes give you multiple customization options for your Vape Cartridge boxes that help your vape products in earning a reputable position in the eyes of the masses.

Available Customization Options in Custom Vape Juice Boxes:


When it comes to enriching the aesthetic sense of anything designing has the most important role in it. Using custom boxes you can go for multiple designing details for your vape juice packaging. You can discuss different patterns and color schemes for designs with your packaging company to create rich aesthetics for your high-quality vape juices. These aesthetics will help them in earning customers’ attention in the market and will also help them in staying in their minds for the long term.

Base Color:

Nothing sounds better than the idea of the colors when it comes to making a product prominent in the market. That’s the reason reputable product brands play with colors to bring their products in the recognition. Using custom vape juice packaging you can also go for the customization of colors on the boxes. It’s your choice whether to keep the base color plain or to go with the combination of two or more colors. Besides this, you can also use color patterns for a little more rich appearance. This color customization will help the products to earn more eyes and influence more minds and hearts to shop.

Vape Cartridge packaging Boxes


A brands’ logo is like a brand ambassador, a logo in itself tells a lot to the customers about the product’s standards. Therefore, always pay a keen focus on creating a unique and enthralling logo for your vape juice products. It won’t only help them to earn more sales but will also help the customers in identifying your products among the rush. Vape Cartridge boxes can help you greatly in designing an alluring logo for your vape juice brand. They give you choices for size, shape, style, design, and color scheme of the logo which help your products gain a better reach in the market.


How you have presented your product on the display shelf also counts in determining how far your product reach will go. With the help of custom vape packaging boxes, you can bring a different style to the packaging of your vape products. There are multiple box styles available like flip-top, tuck end, sleeve, tray boxes, or window boxes that give a unique product experience to the customers. This unique experience promotes your vape juice brand in the market and earns it a good name.

Finishing And Embossing:

Finishing and embossing over the packaging play the role of a cherry on the cake for your product’s reach. And the custom vape packaging boxes give options for embossing that is basically raised texture of the fonts, logo, and designs. Moreover, you have finishing options like shimmery, matte, or glossy finishing. These practices raise your vape products’ image in the market while retaining more customers for them.


Customers value what is in front of them. No matter how strong your customization ideas are, if the print is not clear on the packaging, the product will lose its worth. What can help you here are the customized vape cartridge boxes as they are made from cardboard that is flexible for multiple printing techniques like PMS, CMYK printing. Both of these techniques give high-end results that help in making your vape juices packaging and the product more attractive and sellable.

Is Marketing through Custom Boxes is an Economical Choice?

Studying the multiple customization options available in custom vape cartridge boxes people an automatic thought of heavy budget comes to mind. However, it’s just a thought, not the reality because custom packaging is highly cost-friendly and the reason is the use of cardboard material in their making. It comes from natural resources, therefore, the pricing is low moreover its flexible nature for customization and printing as per choice also makes the boxes less in price. Besides this, most of the packaging companies offer free shipping services on orders. Hence, you can market your vape juices efficiently with less investment.

In What Ways Custom Cannabis Boxes Are Good Option For Growing Your Cannabis Business?

Cannabis boxes Wholesale

According to research the legal market of cannabis is worth 13 billion dollars and the figure tends to rise up to 60 million dollars by 2025. Reputable cannabis brands are working on both the product and packaging to set a high rank for their products in the flooded cannabis market. Most people are using cannabis products such as cigars as a fashion and considered it a part of their class ns style. They demand packaging to be more festive so that when they hold the box in hand, they look trendier. In such a case, custom cannabis boxes are a good option to go with, as they possess multiple features that can be an immense support for flourishing your cannabis business.

Perfect Choice for Brand Awareness:

Observing the increased ratio of cannabis products consumers, a greater number of people are stepping into this business. That’s the reason competition in the market is tough and businesses need to put some extra effort to sustain their product’s value. Most marketers invest in different branding tactics however the most impactful is the innovative packaging. The reason is packaging gets the customer’s eye unintentionally on his entrance in the retail store. He gets introduced to your brand and gradually your brand earns more fame and sales in the market.

Available In Different Shapes and Sizes According to The Requirement:

This is the era of fashion and modernity where no one wants to look ordinary in any way. As discussed earlier that smoking is adopted by many people as a fashion therefore, they want their cannabis and cigar packing to be perfect in terms of size, style, and shape. Therefore, as a cannabis product dealer, you should use custom cannabis boxes for packaging as it gives you options in terms of shape and styling of the box. You can use rectangular, square, or any other shaped box according to the requirement of your cigars.

Protection Against Climatic Effects:

Cannabis products are intolerant to climatic factors i.e., cannot bear the heat or extremely dry weather and lose their originality. Therefore, it is necessary to keep them in packaging that can resist the intense weather effects. Custom cannabis boxes can be a feasible option in such cases because these boxes are made using cardboard. The cardboard material can resist heat and wind effects and help your cannabis to maintain its originality in the long term.

Foster Communication with Customers:

Through custom printed cannabis packaging, you can communicate with your customers about your brands. You can tell them about the manufacturing ingredients and can also share the usage instructions. Moreover, you can share your social media links so that your customers can approach you virtually. And know about your cannabis products in a little more detail. This tactic will help you to earn customer trust and an escalated product demand.

Cannabis Boxes Packaging

Facilitate In Creating Rich Aesthetics of The Product:

The consumers of cannabis products like cigarettes are usually adults belonging to the elite class. Who look for the aesthetic value of the product. Hence, you need to work creatively on the packing boxes of your cigars and other cannabis items’ boxes. Going with the customized packaging favor you in such a scenario, as it gives you room for incorporating your creative ideas in terms of designs and graphics on the boxes. You can use decent colors to make the boxes a little loud and enchanting to the eyes. This will help you’re your product to grab the customers’ attention and will also convince them to shop.

Favorable Option for Shipping:

Normally the products get damaged during shipping because they encounter pressure and wrecks during movement. Therefore, the product makers do maximum efforts on the packing and keeping so that their products don’t lose their originality till reaching the customer. If you are also dealing with a cannabis business that requires shipment, go with custom boxes packaging because the sturdy nature of the boxes protects the product from damages and boxes also don’t get reshaped. Your customers receive the product in a well-maintained look that helps your product to earn their trust. And they consider shopping from you repeatedly according to the requirement.


To sum up, custom cannabis boxes are an all-in-one solution for your cannabis products packaging. Either it’s about marketing or creating a unique product look or a matter of safety these boxes serve at their best. Another important point is these boxes are not so much costly therefore save your budget.

Increase The Value of Your E-Juice Products with Custom Printed E-Juice Boxes

E-juice boxes packaging

The demand for e juices is increasing day by day; therefore, we now see different brands selling e juices in the market. They are working on the production and paying ahead to the packaging because customers expect something different from the packaging. Reputable brands are into the use of high-quality e juice packaging to fascinate the customers. They know that the packaging helps the customer remember the product experience; that’s why they offer style and glamour to their e juices with custom printed E-Juice Boxes.

What Are the Important Things to keep in mind for E-Juice Packaging?

There are a few things that every e-juice manufacturer should keep in mind. We have enlisted them below.

  1. The standard of the box must be high, i.e., the material used in the making must be strong.
  2. Ensure that you are going with quality profiting as it contributes a lot in increasing or decreasing the product value.
  3. The packaging of e-liquid must have specific details about the e juices inside.
  4. Ensure that the boxes cuts and edges are neat and clean because the finishing of the packing matters in the product’s sales.
  5. Go with the customized e juice boxes as they have a lot more for the products’ adequate packaging.

What Is the Purpose of Custom E juice Packaging?

We understand that you always want your product to be ranked at the top in the market, and packaging plays a vital role in making it possible. Therefore, we customize your packaging according to your preferences so that your e juices may mesmerize the customers and retrain your business to high sales and profit. With us, you can go for any design and customization of the logo or whatever you want to make your packaging and the product notable in the market.

What Factors Make Custom E Juice Packaging the best?

Customized E-juice packaging brings a lot more for your e-juice products. Let’s list them out one by one.

Custom Boxes Offer Eco-Friendly Packaging:

Customers nowadays demand eco-friendly packaging to retain health to the planet that is already too polluted. They tend to purchase products that come in recyclable packaging. Therefore, we tailor your custom e juice boxes with kraft or corrugated materials considering their eco flexibility. They are both easy to recycle and dispose of; hence, using such boxes for your e-juices makes them more preferable for the buyer in the market. 

Custom Boxes Help in Brand Promotion:

Custom e-juice boxes are helpful to brand promotion. As discussed earlier, many brands are manufacturing e-juice products; therefore, it’s crucial to stand differently from them. This way, your brand can easily earn more potential customers resulting in a high sales ratio and maximum profit. We at The Cigarette boxes offer you free design support and graphical illustrations. You can do a little research on what type of designs your competitors are offering, and then you can select anyone you think is unique for your e-juice packaging.

custom printed e juice boxes

Custom Boxes Synthesize Better Presentation:

The presentation of a product communicates a lot about its quality. The more nicely you present the product in the market, the more attraction it will have. Using custom printed e-juice boxes, you can bring the desired elegance to your e-juice packaging. You can customize different designs and work on the font style to imprint the brand’s label on the packing. In this way, your e juice product will exhibit quality aesthetics resulting in a high sales ratio.

Customization Of Logo:

When you are running a business, the logo is essential. It helps to let people know who you are and what you have to offer them. We offer you the flexibility to customize your logo according to your choice. You are free to decide the shape and size of the logo but remember not to go with too much large-sized logo as it looks awkward. Moreover, you can use color fusion to make the logo more attractive and fascinating to the eye. This way, your product will have more customers’ attention and will influence their buying decision.

Budget Effective:

We care for your budget, therefore we use cardboard material that is high in quality and low in pricing for tailoring your e juice boxes. This way you can give your product a festive packaging while investing less. Moreover, we offer you free design support and free shipping on your orders. This way, your packaging cost decreases to the minimum.


We are known for our quality work and integrity. Contact us Custom Cigarette Boxes today and get your premium quality custom printed e-juice boxes in any shape, size, and design from us. Furthermore, we take orders of a minimum of 100 boxes, so what are you waiting for? Get your quote now and enjoy fascinating packaging for your e-juices.

How Using E juice Boxes Wholesale Is Beneficial for Your E Juices?

E Juice boxes Wholesale

E juice is a liquid used in vape cigarettes that is an electronic cigarette used for the delivery of nicotine. E juices are of different flavors and every smoker uses the flavor of his choice. According to research, vape cigarettes were first introduced in the market in 2004 and now they are in trend especially among teenagers. Since the demand for e juices is increasing and businesses who are dealing with e juices need its packaging in bulk, in such a case E Juice boxes at wholesale rates is a wise decision as it complements your e juices in many ways.

Grab More Customers for Your E Juices by Presenting Them In A Better Way:

Covering anything efficiently is important to deliver a good impression of the overall product because it is the first thing with which a person gets exposed and decides whether he should buy or not. In other words, just like a gift has no value without a beautiful wrap, products have no value without attractive packaging. Therefore, you must use packaging that is rich in aesthetics and alluring enough to grab the attention of the customers. For this purpose, custom printed boxes are the best choice, as you have room for complementing the packing with unique and latest designs.

Advertise Your E Juice Brand More Efficiently:

It is the 21st century and the market world is just flooded with hundreds and hundreds of brands manufacturing different types of products. So, if you are also operating as a product manufacturer you need to do some extra efforts to make your brand stand in the market. Reputable brands use expensive marketing techniques to become famous and dear to every mind and eye but that doesn’t work in the long term i.e. you need to adopt a different strategy after some time.

However, you can save yourself from this headache if you are using custom packaging. It is the easiest and a long-term strategy to remain in trend for a long time. You can bring innovation in the styling and designing of the packaging to fascinate your customers and keeping them engaged with your product. In this way, your brand will appear different from the others in the market and will reach out to the masses rapidly.

Provide Your Product with the Packaging According To Its Size and Shape:

When you are in the market it is crucial to package the product with a box that fits perfectly with it because a loose and untidy packaging. That can devalue the product and chances of losing customers will increase. Hence you must go for e juice boxes wholesale to get the packaging of your desired shape, size, and of course the one that is according to the requirement of your product. In this way, it becomes easy to handle the product and the products’ worth also increases in the market.

 E Juice packaging boxes

Custom Packaging Is Flexible to the Styles of Boxes:

Different companies offer products differently i.e. the quantity of product in a single packaging, the number of items, etc. For this reason, companies require packaging boxes in different styles to fit in with their products in a friendly way. In such a case custom e-juice boxes are a favorable choice as you can get them to customize according to your need i.e. you can incorporate partitions if you are offering two or three e juice flavors in a single packaging. Further, a few boxes come with sliders inside them to segregate the bottles from each other.

Custom E juice Boxes Are a Budget-Friendly Packaging Option:

As a business owner, you need to divide your budget equally for everything i.e. from manufacturing till its delivery to the customer. Previously businesses used to invest the maximum amount on product manufacture as they have no worries about stylish packaging. But now things are different as customers demand high-quality packaging along with high-quality products. Therefore as an e juice manufacturer, you need to think about economical ways of packaging so that you may not short of money and run your business smoothly. For this purpose, custom e juice boxes are a good option, as you can get them at low pricing because of the material they incorporate in their making. Even if you require boxes in a large amount you can get them easily while paying a small amount.

If you wish to be successful in your e juice business while investing less you must go for E Juice boxes wholesale as you can get the packaging according to your preference and current market trend this way. Further, you can earn maximum profit while spending less from your pocket.

Complement Your Pre Rolls with Finely Crafted Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Printed Pre roll Boxes

Since the allowance of its legitimate use, cannabis and its packaging are high in demand in the market. The tobacco industry has revolutionized to a greater extent, especially in terms of packaging. Customers are now more likely towards the vibrant and stylish packaging of cigarettes and pre-rolls. In this case, custom printed pre roll boxes play a huge role in establishing wot hog your pre-rolls in market. 

A large number of brands are working in the tobacco industry and producing high-quality pre-rolls cigarettes and other tobacco products and the competition has become too tough. The only space left for setting a certain rank for your pre rolls and cigarettes is its packaging. Yes, by providing unique and artistic packaging you can help your products in gaining sustainable market value. 

Provide Styling and Attractive Look:

We are living in a time where nobody wants to look ordinary and he never compromises on fashion standards, therefore. People are more likely to style and standard. When it comes to market same is the case here i.e. you have to present your product stylishly to bring it under customer consideration. So that he tempts to buy from you.

If you are seller of cannabis or pre-rolls you need to work a lot on the packaging of your products. It is a considerable factor that when it comes to pre roll packaging very limited shapes of boxes are available but we recommend using the customization option in this case because using it for packaging let you disappointed in terms of uniqueness. Customized boxes are flexible to designing and styling. You can imprint different designs based on different color themes. These designs and colors are highly responsible for giving an attractive look to your cannabis and cigarette products. In this way, you will gain more customers and will have a boosted sale ratio.

Provide a Handier Packaging to your Cigarette Products:

Portability secures a special value when it comes to cigarettes or pre rolls, as its consumer needs to keep it with him wherever he goes. He demands the packing of pre rolls to be done in a way that is easy to carry in the pocket. Here comes the use of custom boxes because these boxes are made of a cardboard material that is light in weight and therefore easy to keep in the pocket. People keep their comfort at top priority and therefore demand a perfectly crafted pre roll box to carry with them. Hence you must not make any compromise on the packing as a little carelessness in this can be a cause of bigger damage i.e. low sales or no sales at all. So we suggest designing a handier packing box to gain more and more customers.

 Custom printed Pre Roll Boxes

Helps in Setting a Brand Identity:

The way you present your products in the market becomes your brand identity later on, so why not set an extraordinary brand value by providing high-quality packing to your products. Now you may think about how can you set an exceptional market value for your brand? The answer is custom-printed boxes. The most important factor to be considered while using these boxes is it gives you room for printing the logo of your choice. A logo is the best thing to make your brand recognition in the market. It is the first thing with which the customer comes in contact. Using custom printed pre roll boxes for pre rolls allows to imprint a uniquely crafted logo of your tobacco brand. This will help the customers to know about your cigarettes and pre rolls, and they will pay ahead to them. 

Assist in Protecting From External Environment Affects:

Tobacco products need certain protection from the outer environment to sustain their quality for the long term. i.e the moist and hot weather can affect the quality of cigarettes and pre rolls and they may lose their freshness and originality. Hence we recommend using custom pre roll boxes because they are prepared using cardboard material. Cardboard is resistant to weather and doesn’t let heat or moisture disturb your product enclosed inside the box. Moreover, cardboard material is denser enough to net let the dirt and polluted particles penetrate inside the box. In this way, your pre rolls remain fresh for a long time.

Using custom printed pre roll boxes for packaging of cannabis and cigarettes is high in demand these days and is considered one of the most effective packaging technique. We at Custom Cigarette Boxes provide you high quality custom boxes for your pre rolls. And also for cigarettes that are a guaranteed boosters to your tobacco business. Reach us anytime and we are here to provide you the best packaging solution.

Do cannabis boxes at wholesale rates help in the business expansion?

Cannabis Boxes

The tobacco industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. They manufacture products that a quarter of the global population consumes. Thus, this fact alone indicates the importance of this industry. As cannabis is legal to consume in many countries, thus, it is used by people for many purposes ranging from recreational to medicinal uses. Therefore, cannabis is also an extremely important product, and a huge moneymaker as well. But, cannabis needs to be packed and then sold. It cannot be sold freely because its taste can get significantly changed due to exposure to moisture. Therefore, it is packed in cannabis boxes.

Reasons for using cannabis boxes:

Cannabis boxes are specifically designed and manufactured to store cannabis. These boxes are made from organic materials, thus, they don’t change the texture, taste, or consistency of the cannabis. And allows people to have great tasting and smelling cannabis for their consumption needs. Also, cannabis boxes sold at wholesale prices help many businesses rake in huge profits. The reasons are neither complicated, nor it is a wonder product.

Affordable materials are pocket friendly:

The organic nature of cannabis boxes makes them fit for packing cannabis products, but, also for mass purchasing as well. As tobacco companies have to have a large number of boxes for their products, thus, they need these boxes to be affordable. Hence, custom cannabis boxes provide them with such an opportunity. As the materials are abundantly available such as Kraft paper and Bux Board. Hence, these materials are cheap and don’t burn a hole through the pocket of the manufacturers. Thus, being organic and cheap are the two main reasons why custom boxes are preferred by so many manufacturers.

Manufacturers can focus on other things:

Cannabis boxes at wholesale prices make things easy for manufacturers by diverting their attention to the most profitable parts of their businesses. This way, manufacturers don’t have to control each and every aspect of box procurement and they can also save money by buying affordable boxes, which they can use for expanding their business. Thus, invariably custom boxes help a small business grow, and an established business to expand. Thus the reason for their preference.

Effective messaging mediums:

A brand’s ideals and business ideology can be easily gauged from the boxes that they use. As unique images can be printed on the boxes, thus, these boxes serve as the most effective mediums of communication with the customers. As they are displayed in retail stores, and tobacco shops, thus, they help customers choose products cannabis products that they like and find suitable to their budget. Hence, if a tobacco company uses organic materials to manufacture their products, then, they can print them on their custom boxes and tell the world about them.

Helps distinguish cannabis products:

As cannabis products are used for both medicinal and recreational purposes, thus, there is a need for these two products to be distinguishable. Hence, custom boxes can help in this regard. Printing the details of the materials used, and describing how to use the product certainly helps customers to distinguish medicinal cannabis from recreational ones. Also, pre-roll boxes are profoundly used to pack recreational cannabis products. Thus, cannabis products need to be presented in such ways that facilitate customer purchasing decisions. This way, a company can also distinguish itself from others and grow and expand its business as well.

Enhances a brands worth:

A brand isn’t a brand if it’s not endorsed by well-known people. Thus, whenever a brand is endorsed by a celebrity, its value tends to increase manifold, thus, helping a business attain previously unattainable heights. As a result, a brand’s worth automatically increases, making it richer and more influential. And facilitating this endorsement and subsequent increase in brand worth are custom cannabis boxes. Thus, cannabis boxes make a brand richer and influential.

Small business can also expand:

The idea of custom boxes is extremely appealing to small business owners. This is because they don’t have many resources to market their products. Hence, they buy custom cannabis boxes at wholesale rates. Thus, keeping this fact in mind, they consciously decide to market their products using custom boxes. As they can now print all the necessary details and their ideals and principles as well. Therefore, the money they save they can now use on other important parts of their business.

Thus, to preserve the rich and delightful taste and smell of the cannabis products, and to expand and grow their businesses, manufacturers are now using custom cannabis boxes bought at wholesale rates. The introduction of custom boxes has certainly changed the outlook of the entire tobacco industry.

The significance of a packaging boxes for cigarettes

Custom Cigarette Packaging

There are many ways a customer can be influenced such as price, quality, need, and presentation. Out of all these ways, the one that has a greater impact is the packaging. Regardless of the fact that you are an owner of a newly launched product or an old one, packaging needs to be up to the mark so that your brand doesn’t get behind anyone. This is because of the reason that packaging is the costume of your products. The more you put style and elegance into the packaging, the greater will be the impression of your products on your customers.

Many new startups overlook the element of packaging and suffer in the long run. That is why, as soon as the product is manufactured, it should be packed in an exceptional packaging that is second to none. It’s the only way that you can increase the credibility of your brand. Moreover, your customers will be gratified while choosing your brand as a good packaging is evidence of a great product. Especially, when the product involved couldn’t be marketed on traditional media such as cigarettes.

Cigarette Packaging

When it comes to cigarettes, it is important to understand the fact that there are hundreds of tobacco companies. They are all trying their utmost to market their brand across the globe. Hence, if you don’t pay heed towards the recognition of your brand, you will soon lose your customers. Tobacco consumers are never consistent with the choice of their brand. They tend to keep on changing brands until they get complete satisfaction. That is the reason cigarette companies have greater competition than any other industry. The reason we are focusing so much on the packaging is that cigarette packaging is the only way that can be used as a tool to market this commodity. The restrictions on cigarette advertisements on traditional media restrict the marketing and branding opportunities for the manufacturers. Yet you will not be in loss if you have a great marketing strategy for your cigarettes.

Good and reliable packaging not only enhances the protection of enclosed cigarettes but also brings new customers. People will always judge the quality of your cigarettes through the package. So, all you need to do is make the package more embellished with all the useful information so that the customers can be attracted at first glance. Alluring packaging is the key to attract customers in a market full of products of similar category.

Cigarette Boxes

Boxes as Extension of Brands

The packaging as a carrier of the brand message is still underestimated by many companies. In this blog, we’ll show you how the packaging can be used to shape and support the identity of the brand. The packaging as a brand ambassador plays a central role in entering the market and in accepting new product categories. Brand trust can be actively used by manufacturers to create brand loyalty and expand their portfolio of traditional products. Therefore, a single package with a clear brand message is a decisive factor in the purchase decision.

All you need to do to become a reputable brand in the market is to spread awareness. Whenever people are looking for a cigarette brand in the market, their eyes must be caught by your cigarettes. This is only possible by introducing such a packaging that is recognizable from afar. For that, you can make use of bright and unique colors for the boxes to be printed with. It can be possible with the help of Custom Cigarette Packaging.

Custom cigarette packaging advantages

Cigarette brands can be seen everywhere in the market and people choose the one that stands out. That is why customizing your cigarette boxes with creative designs and personalization such as logo, company name, and the tagline is important. Custom boxes with logo can be used for your cigarettes to make your products more recognizable in the market. People will figure out your brand easily if it’s customized with your company details in an impressive and prominent way. That’s how you can maximize your customer reach. Also, customizations in the boxes allow you to avail boxes in any kind of technical details. Regardless of the shape and size of the boxes, you can still make any last-minute changes in the dimensions.

How to order custom boxes?

There is much that you can do with your packaging with the help of custom boxes. But the main question that might be popping up in your mind is that how you can avail custom boxes? The short answer is from Custom Cigarette Boxes. And the long answer is; from a company that is well established for the packaging of cigarettes. We, at Custom Cigarette Boxes, offer complete customization options for your products. However, we have given some sample boxes on our list of boxes for cigarettes. Yet with the assistance of our customer support executives, you can make any changes to these boxes.

All you need to do is tell us your need and we’ll help you in polishing your idea for cigarette boxes. Whether you need traditional cigarette boxes with unmatched and unique custom designs or you need to have something more creative, you can come up with your idea.

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Evolution of Cigarette Packaging and Cigarettes in America

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Cigarettes have always been deemed “Cool” but why is that? Well, the answer is imbedded in the history of the cigarette and how the packaging of the cigarettes created the image of them to be something cool. The issue with early cigarettes and tobacco in general was that they were not deemed harmful, most Hollywood stars and starlets were all smoking expensive tobacco brands through pipes because the advent of cigarettes which made people think of them as products linked to high social status or just the rich and famous people.

Although the use of Tobacco dates back to 5000BC it is important to note that the commercialization of the tobacco started in Ancient China and Mexico, the tobacco speared far and wide and soon it reached England, where it was advertised as “Gentlemanly and Masculine” it soon came on the ships to America, this can be as early as the time Christopher Columbus actually came to attack the Natives of America.

The first cigarette was actually created by Washington Duke in the mid-1860s, where he hand-pressed as well as hand-rolled tobacco in paper. He sold these to the soldiers at the end of Civil war in America, but the issue was that hand rolled cigarettes took a long time to make and there was no way to mass produce them. However, in 1880s James Bonsack created a machine that pressed and rolled cigarettes much faster and soon cigarettes were being mass-produced and their popularity raised.

Cigarette Boxes

This was well and good; However, the packaging and advertisement for cigarettes did not start until the early 1900s. From 1920 to 1930. The packaging of cigarettes was bright and colorful, each cigarette has beautiful illustrations and many came in collector’s packs as well. Many companies even launched their own steel or other metal cases for the collectors to purchase and have in their limited time promotions.

Companies like Camel and Lucky Strike were the winners of this era, they created custom cigarette boxes with illustrations that promoted the idea that cigarettes were for cool kids or they would help you check your weight. Lucky strike came out with many posters of the sort, one in particular using the tagline

“The Shock of Facing what your Figure may become When Tempted, Reach out for a Lucky Instead.”

This was used with the face of Miss America illustrated on the front cover, the company also added in the ad that the cigarettes did not help lose weight but if you were tempted to eat, you could divert your attention towards smoking a Lucky strike instead.”

In another add they used the tagline “Do you inhale?” as an old smoking alternative for “You can’t sit with us”, it showed that you were not the part of the “it” crowd if you could not smoke a lucky strike and inhale it. Mind you, this was before the cigarette health effects came out.

In the World war 2, Chesterfield Cigarettes started promoting their cigarettes in a romantic mannerism, the Cigarette boxes would have illustrations of soldiers away from home and the taglines insinuated that the soldiers away from home felt closer to their home when they smoked. One particular tagline used by Camels was highly popular in this era used for the ads, it goes as follows;

“Just like the taste of Home”

This was used over a picture of a soldier sitting against a tree in army clothing. This made people buy cigarettes in a form of sentiment for home. On the other hand, Chesterfield used taglines like;

“It’s His Cigarettes and Mine”

This is over the illustration of a female soldier wife, the romanticism of the cigarettes made the women feel closer to their war gone husbands.

A new and war-free era began soon; the music and color was what made people feel normal in this time, the war had ended two decades ago but most people remembered it and so they started to want “Normality” again. In doing so, the ads and banners were all promoting a normal home life. Camels again came out with an ad that summarized most ad campaigns after war.

“Nothing Like this in the Army. (Except the Camels)”

This was above an illustration of a woman lighting a cigarette for her husband on the dinner table.

Fast forward to 1960s-1970s, the rise of Beatles and music as well as the rise of fashion again after two decades of war. Slims came out with their famous skinny cigarettes, the posters and banners that advertised these were of thin women, doused in jewelry and luxury clothing while smoking a cigarette or holding one. The cigarettes were mainly aimed at women and were therefore advertised in a rather feminine way. One tagline read:

“121 Brands of Fat Cigarettes and Virginia slims are made to fit you.”

These words influenced people to think of cigarettes as a diet again and they were seen as elegant as well as a part of jewelry. All posters showed illustrations of women posing in high fashion clothing with cigarettes in their hands and even though they used less product, these cigarettes were sold at a higher price. They were basically the Supreme of 1960s.

2000 to the present time, the bad effects of cigarettes were now widely known, however people did not seem to quit smoking because there was still the issue of teens thinking that smoking was cool, due to all the packaging and advert illustrations showing them that smoking was cool. This is when the word started to shift, most country’s started use simple cigarette packaging, which was required by law. No advertising was allowed on the cigarette packs and the tempting taglines were then removed.

All onscreen ads are now required to have the health warning “Smoking is Injurious to Health” as well as the smoke packs having the same warning. The images on the packs now hold images of effects of smoking and companies like Custom Cigarette Boxes show cigarette boxes on their websites to be completely customizable and that is true however the company that orders, much get them manufactured according to the law or there can be serious legal consequences.