Cigarette Sleeve Boxes

The way you market a product depends on the hype of the industry it belongs to. And as for cigarettes, tobacco industry has grown massively in to an empire. Along with making high quality cigarettes, you also need to focus on packaging. Considering how delicate cigarettes are, the perfect type of boxes for packaging are Cigarette Sleeve Boxes and that too from Custom Cigarette Boxes. When you get boxes from us, you will be able to tap a lot of customers and your sales will definitely go off the roof!

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Cigarettes are definitely a delicate or easily breakable kind of product. Which is why you need to select a box that protects them perfectly and also fulfills the purpose of showcasing it. Custom Cigarette Boxes manufactures the sturdiest and chic Cigarette Sleeve Boxes! Not only will your cigarettes be protected but a lot of attention can also be grabbed. These boxes are quite popular in market because they are considered to be perfect for fragile items. With Custom Cigarette Boxes, they will be at the level of perfection!


We give you the option of customizing your boxes completely. You can give any kind of style to your boxes as you want. There are quite a lot of finishing styles; Embossing, Foiling, Aqueous Coating, UV Coating, Matte or Gloss Lamination.


We know how important design is for the branding of your product. That is why we give the most innovative designs on your Cigarette Sleeve Boxes! We have a fully dedicated team of designers who will give you uniqueness in everything. Even if you have a design of your own, you can bring it to us and we will give you exactly that!


We don’t compromise on the quality of boxes and not the shipment as well. And breaking it to you, we offer free shipping to every client of ours! Wherever you are, you will receive your shipment, swiftly and in a secure manner.


And whenever you need your order of these boxes again, or any other boxes too, we will provide it to you in a much less time as before. Nothing in quality changes, everything will be perfect! We care about our customer’s satisfaction more than anything and that is why everything we do is close to perfection!


We realize the importance of perfect detailed boxes, which is why we will give you free die and plating! Yes! We like to give away perks to our customers and that is why we don’t charge for die and plating. Get your favorite type of box in any way you want!

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