Your Brand’s Missing out on Prodigious Cigarette Packaging!

Custom Cigarette Boxes

With the advancement in the tobacco industry, not only the rates of smoking have increased over the past few years but the number of products have also been increased. The main reason is not the awareness of its use but the habits one grabs due to his or her peers. According to the statistics, about 80.8% of the population in United States did smoking in the year 2005. As much as smoking is injurious to health and as much as it is addictive, the trend is about being cool and classy by smoking expensive cigarettes. It is also said that most teenagers start smoking at a very young age by taking influence of their elders or their peers. So this shows that tobacco industry has definitely grown up to a higher extent. It can be said that if a new company introduces their cigarettes, they would make money because for one, people want high quality in their products and two, they want expensive looking stuff.

Packaging’s Role in Sales

From all the information stated above, it is evident that packaging plays a major part in attracting customers towards your product. This is because a unique and innovative product will be eye-catching and when you are on the path of making a difference, the looks of your products matter the most. So whenever you see any company belonging from any industry, you will observe that they will work a lot on the packaging of their product line. For any company to score a great image in the market, they will have to put great emphasis on the kind of packaging they do!

The History of Smoking

Smoking has existed ever since the start of time and from about 1930s to 1950s, smoking was considered to be healthy and it wasn’t until the end of 1950s that the scientists found out that smoking was injurious to health. However, it didn’t make much of a change because addiction of tobacco never let people stop themselves.

Custom Cigarette Boxes

Types of Tobacco Consumption Sources and their Packaging Styles

  • Cigars

Cigars are considered to be the elite source of consuming tobacco. Everywhere on the internet, cigars are associated with the “prestige factor” and this is the main reason why they are so expensive. Moreover, the box style of cigars has to be luxurious and rigid. The style is mostly flap boxes or sleeve styles; the main purpose behind this idea is to present them as “distinctive and premium” in the market. Even the tobacco used in cigars is different and expensive so that increases the overall value of the product.

  • Traditional Cigarettes

It wasn’t until 1919, when the trend of smoking traditional cigarettes was at boom. The main reason was that due to the Great War, the soldiers and men used smoking as a way to calm themselves down. In modern world, women have also started to smoke and it is no longer claimed to be gender specific.

The box style used for basic and traditional cigarettes is the hinged lid box with an auto lock bottom or it can be sealed one too. The purpose of this packaging is to protect the product inside and also to increase the ease in assembling the boxes.

  • E-Cigarettes

Just like advancement in any other industry, technology has entered this market as well. E-cigarettes are considered to be chicer and classy than traditional cigarettes. The box style of this type has to be the most updated one because the entire gear of the e-cigarette has to be packaged. The box style can be anything from a tuck in box to a rigid box with magnetic flap or a sleeve style box.

  • Vape

The alternative to tobacco smoking in the industry was introduced as vape. It is the most popular trend among teenagers and it is considered as a healthier alternative of other cigarette products. The box style for vape is mostly sleek and has a tuck in flap with auto lock bottom.

Now, let’s move on to the customization process of the packaging boxes for Custom Cigarette Boxes:


Sturdy material of stock is highly necessary to make sure that the product stays protected inside. This will help the box maintain its shape during shipment and then for further use as well.

  • Paper Card
  • Cardboard
  • Kraft Paper


Getting customized packaging boxes has its own benefits. One of which is the freedom in customizing the product the way you want. Size, shape, and style of the box play a great role to attract the customers. The more updated and unique the box is, better will be the look and ultimately, better branding.


Packaging companies have a team of designers who provide guidance and support to come up with the best design templates. Having an innovative and premium design over the box will increase the overall look of it and hence, it will become eye-catching.


Clear and vibrant printing will make the product look edgy and complete. This look will be achieved by using modern printing techniques and premium inks. Not only the print will be vibrant, but it will also be long lasting as well which is exactly what a brand needs.

Finishing Styles

Mentioned below are the finishing styles that will add to the look of the box:

  • Die Cutting
  • Gluing
  • Scoring
  • Perforation
  • Window Cut Out
  • Gold/Silver Foiling
  • Embossing
  • Raised Ink

The basic reason of getting a high quality packaging box is not just related to the branding of your brand or the sales of your product, but it also increases the level of protection of the product inside. Because cigarettes are a delicate product and no matter what quality, humidity can affect it; this is why the packaging boxes have to be of the sturdiest quality. This will also give out a good impression on the customers and will help you stand out among your competitors.