E-cigarettes vs vapes and their packaging designs

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An E-cigarette is a revolutionary product that has changed the dimensions of the tobacco market forever. At first, E-cigs were invented (by a Chinese man) to help him quit smoking. In E-cigarette, nicotine is heated up to create smoke that you can puff. The idea behind e-cigs is the same as traditional cigarettes: getting a daily dose of nicotine, but without all the harmful chemicals found in tobacco.

Are E-cigarettes and vape the same?

The terms are used interchangeably and it is not entirely wrong to call a vape and e-cig. Think of an E-cigarette as the blueprint for vape. A vape is an advanced form of e-cigs.


They resemble a traditional cigarette in design, consisting of a nicotine cartridge, an atomizer, and a battery. These are non-refillable and once the battery runs out you have to throw it away. Instead of inhaling the smoke, the user inhales the vapor, produced as a result of the atomizer heating the nicotine (e-liquid). After its official commercial launch in 2003, e-cigs became widely popular. There were reportedly 41 million e-cigarette users in 2018.


Vape is the most advanced form of an e-cigarette. Looking at the exponential growth of the e-cigarette market, many companies saw an opportunity and started trying to innovate the product. A vape is different than the early design of e-cigs in a way that:

  • It is refillable
  • Rechargeable
  • Flavored
  • Customizable

The basic “Anatomy” of a vape (also called vape pen) is built on the same principle of e-cigs but with innovative modifications such as a mouthpiece, built-in atomizer, on/off button, and a rechargeable battery.


In E-cigs once the nicotine cartridge was all consumed, you had to throw away the cigarette. There was no way to refill the cartridge, even if the battery was still there. This problem was resolved in vape design. Vapes come with a removable, refillable cartridge. Once you consume the e-liquid in your vape, you can get it refilled. There is no need to throw away the whole device.


The biggest flaw in an e-cigarette design was, it was non-rechargeable and once the battery ran out, the user had to throw it away. Vapes come with a rechargeable battery. Just like all modern gadgets, you can recharge your vape pen as well.


Vape pens come in a wide range of flavors. Some people don’t like the strong flavor of a regular e-cigarette. Without other chemicals found in a traditional cigarette, the flavor of the e-cigs was very different and bland. To increase the appeal of the product and market it to a wider segment, companies came up with the idea of flavored vapors. It started with some basic flavors like candy, fruits, etc. Nowadays there are more flavors of vape than one can comprehend.


Vapes can be easily customized according to your designs. Size, dimensions, flavors, colors, materials, everything can be adjusted. The vape cartridge is 100% customizable and can be personalized.


You can’t conclude the topic of vaping and e-cigs without talking about Juul. Juul revolutionized the E-cigs and currently accounts for 45% of the total market. Juul pods resemble a USB flash drive and deliver a more strong nicotine flavor as compared to any other electronic vaping device. Juul received backlash after it was revealed that most of its customers were underage, high school users. 

Regulations for Packaging:

Juul falsely marketed the product as 100% safe to use, despite it being highly addictive. Juul was then regulated by the FDA, to change its packaging design and print clear warning labels about the possible addictive nature of the product.

Vapes today:

Cannabis and CBD vape pens are getting popular these days. Vape is a highly profitable business when done right. The primary packaging design of vape is discussed earlier in the post, but to market your product it is crucial you get professional help to formulate a compliant secondary packaging.

Custom vape boxes:

FDA aggressively regulates packaging for vapes. If you don’t follow the guidelines set by the FDA, you may be asked to remove your product from the market and maybe penalized. To avoid any such inconvenience invest in your packaging design, get professional help.


A professional packaging company like Custom Cigarette Boxes can help you design an attractive vape box, which is good for branding, protects the product, and is still compliant with the FDA regulations. We make unique and high-quality custom vape boxes at wholesale rates.