Complement Your Pre Rolls with Finely Crafted Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Printed Pre roll Boxes

Since the allowance of its legitimate use, cannabis and its packaging are high in demand in the market. The tobacco industry has revolutionized to a greater extent, especially in terms of packaging. Customers are now more likely towards the vibrant and stylish packaging of cigarettes and pre-rolls. In this case, custom printed pre roll boxes play a huge role in establishing wot hog your pre-rolls in market. 

A large number of brands are working in the tobacco industry and producing high-quality pre-rolls cigarettes and other tobacco products and the competition has become too tough. The only space left for setting a certain rank for your pre rolls and cigarettes is its packaging. Yes, by providing unique and artistic packaging you can help your products in gaining sustainable market value. 

Provide Styling and Attractive Look:

We are living in a time where nobody wants to look ordinary and he never compromises on fashion standards, therefore. People are more likely to style and standard. When it comes to market same is the case here i.e. you have to present your product stylishly to bring it under customer consideration. So that he tempts to buy from you.

If you are seller of cannabis or pre-rolls you need to work a lot on the packaging of your products. It is a considerable factor that when it comes to pre roll packaging very limited shapes of boxes are available but we recommend using the customization option in this case because using it for packaging let you disappointed in terms of uniqueness. Customized boxes are flexible to designing and styling. You can imprint different designs based on different color themes. These designs and colors are highly responsible for giving an attractive look to your cannabis and cigarette products. In this way, you will gain more customers and will have a boosted sale ratio.

Provide a Handier Packaging to your Cigarette Products:

Portability secures a special value when it comes to cigarettes or pre rolls, as its consumer needs to keep it with him wherever he goes. He demands the packing of pre rolls to be done in a way that is easy to carry in the pocket. Here comes the use of custom boxes because these boxes are made of a cardboard material that is light in weight and therefore easy to keep in the pocket. People keep their comfort at top priority and therefore demand a perfectly crafted pre roll box to carry with them. Hence you must not make any compromise on the packing as a little carelessness in this can be a cause of bigger damage i.e. low sales or no sales at all. So we suggest designing a handier packing box to gain more and more customers.

 Custom printed Pre Roll Boxes

Helps in Setting a Brand Identity:

The way you present your products in the market becomes your brand identity later on, so why not set an extraordinary brand value by providing high-quality packing to your products. Now you may think about how can you set an exceptional market value for your brand? The answer is custom-printed boxes. The most important factor to be considered while using these boxes is it gives you room for printing the logo of your choice. A logo is the best thing to make your brand recognition in the market. It is the first thing with which the customer comes in contact. Using custom printed pre roll boxes for pre rolls allows to imprint a uniquely crafted logo of your tobacco brand. This will help the customers to know about your cigarettes and pre rolls, and they will pay ahead to them. 

Assist in Protecting From External Environment Affects:

Tobacco products need certain protection from the outer environment to sustain their quality for the long term. i.e the moist and hot weather can affect the quality of cigarettes and pre rolls and they may lose their freshness and originality. Hence we recommend using custom pre roll boxes because they are prepared using cardboard material. Cardboard is resistant to weather and doesn’t let heat or moisture disturb your product enclosed inside the box. Moreover, cardboard material is denser enough to net let the dirt and polluted particles penetrate inside the box. In this way, your pre rolls remain fresh for a long time.

Using custom printed pre roll boxes for packaging of cannabis and cigarettes is high in demand these days and is considered one of the most effective packaging technique. We at Custom Cigarette Boxes provide you high quality custom boxes for your pre rolls. And also for cigarettes that are a guaranteed boosters to your tobacco business. Reach us anytime and we are here to provide you the best packaging solution.

Pre-Roll Boxes at wholesale are Perfect choice for Tobacco Products:

Pre Roll boxes wholesale

Smoking has become a fashion in our society. Despite being a number of anti-smoking campaigns ongoing, a larger number of individuals are dragging towards it. Smoking is more popular in adults and particularly adults belonging to the elite class. They consider it a part of their class and standard and smoke often in a day. Moreover, other tobacco products are also popular among people keeping in view the increased smoking and other tobacco products’ consumption ratio, lots of companies are manufacturing them in a larger amount along with premium quality customized packaging in order to gain customer attention to their tobacco products.

High-Quality Customized Packaging Generate Sales:

If you are also working as a manufacturer of cigarette and other tobacco products and need to set your product at a certain position in the market you must offer high-quality customized packaging to attract your customers. If you are looking for a reasonable solution to your tobacco products’ packaging problems pre-roll boxes in the wholesale can be a good option to go for. These boxes provide you all that you require for your products.

Aesthetics of A product Matter:

Aesthetics of tobacco products count the most when it comes to its sale. As mentioned above, consumers of tobacco products are mostly adults and adults strive for style and design the most. Therefore as a manufacturer of these products you need to be very careful regarding packaging. You must introduce unique customized designs and styling in your packaging with unique color themes to give your cigarettes and other tobacco items an appealing look. If you compromise on the packaging it will also leave a negative impact on the quality of your product, as it won’t generate sales.

Customized Pre Roll Boxes are a Guaranteed Protection:

Customized pre-roll boxes assist your tobacco products’ safety and security. They prevent your cigarettes and pre-rolls from moisture and other weather impacts. Moreover, they also shield tobacco products from other external damages i.e. breakage. Customized cardboard pre-roll boxes are more preferable because they are customer friendly i.e. easy to carry in pocket and are environment friendly as well. 

Pre Roll Boxes in Wholesale are Economical:

Usually, when you go for customized packaging of cigarettes and pre-rolls it may cost you a little more and you may hesitate to go for it but this hesitation can be responsible for less sale ratio. Getting your customized pre-roll boxes in wholesale is a good solution for you in this case because it is highly economical and you can easily get your finely crafted premium quality packaging boxes at low pricing, for better marketing.

Customized Pre Roll Boxes are Easy to Carry:

In today’s mobile life nobody can afford to be at a single place all the time. He has to move from one place to another to perform different tasks. In such case, a smoker needs a perfectly crafted pre-roll box that goes exactly with his requirement of carrying his cigarettes with him. An untidy and unshaped box won’t be of any use for him as it may disturb his comfort level. Pre-roll boxes in wholesale offer you a variety of sizes and shapes and you can get your customized boxes prepared according to your customers’ preference, hence gaining their trust level and a good sale ratio.

Custom printed boxes are at your service if you are striving for customized pre-roll boxes that are a blend of quality, style, and uniqueness at the same time. They offer you pre-roll boxes at wholesale rate at highly economical pricing so that you can complement your products with quality packaging, hence resulting in an increased number of buyers of your tobacco products.

Sleekly Designed Pre-Roll boxes on Wholesale for Tobacco Products

Pre Roll Boxes Wholesale

Over 1.3 billion people in the world are known tobacco users. That being said, the amount of tobacco products produced worldwide is enormous. As a consequence of this, the number of boxes, to contain these tobacco products is also huge thus making the tobacco, and box manufacturing industries simultaneously, one of the richest and influential industries in the world.

The design and manufacturing of different tobacco boxes require tremendous efforts. And hence it is not to be taken as a small measure. Designing new and effective boxes, to sell tobacco products is an art of immense proportions. And, to come up with new ideas on a daily basis, is a commendable deed in itself.

The biggest reason why tobacco companies use boxes is the money they save. Because of their affordable nature, tobacco companies have shifted their business models to tailor it towards their needs of saving money. Hence, this is just one of many reasons.

The other big reason is advertisement and marketing. Custom boxes have made a reputation for being effective communicators. Thus, their demand has skyrocketed and many industries have shifted towards using these boxes.

Another reason, specific to tobacco products, is that these boxes can be designed to cater to the size of the tobacco products. cigarettes, cannabis products and vape cartridges all can be packed in these boxes. And the best part about these boxes is that they are available on wholesale. Thus, pre roll boxes at wholesale rates are the new direction which is being adopted by tobacco companies.

The need for Pre-Roll Boxes:

As tobacco products are being manufactured in different forms and sizes, thus it is becoming critical that boxes also cater to their sizes as well. Hence, pre-roll boxes are used to pack cannabis cigarettes of varying sizes. Also, as cannabis products are cleared for use in many countries, to cater to their sizes, pre-roll boxes are essential.

Big tobacco giants are also changing their marketing strategies. They see the benefits that a pre-roll box has, and thus are able to cash it. As the tobacco demand is increasing, so are tobacco products.

Size of the boxes can be customized. This ability also provides tobacco companies with many opportunities to make new products, and devise marketing strategies around them. Therefore, the rise in the popularity of pre-roll boxes is not accidental.

Pre-Roll Boxes can be sold on wholesale rates:

Organic products are used in making the packaging. Thus, it not only saves the manufacturers tremendous amounts of money but also allows them to sell the boxes at a huge profit. That they do by selling the pre-roll boxes at wholesale rates. This way, they are able to generate huge amounts of profit, and tobacco companies can also acquire a large number of boxes at affordable prices.

Good for Tobacco Products:

Affordability does not mean cheap. The boxes are made of quality materials, that does not damage the product inside and help keep the delicate cannabis cigarettes in shape. Also, it does not change the aroma of the product making them feel and look fresh. Hence, these pre-roll boxes are good for pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes.

Effective for Brand Identity and Marketing:

New tobacco companies can use pre-roll boxes to craft an identity for their products as well. As box manufacturers provide free graphics support and charge no amount on die and plating, thus it makes the pre-roll boxes fertile ground for printing new and effective messages, that will resonate with the customers. This will not only help in brand creation but in marketing and increasing the sales of the product as well.

Coatings and Add-ons that make the Box Beautiful:

Some of the coatings and add-ons that will make your pre-roll cannabis boxes look extra special are as follows:


They give a stylish and elegant look to the box and enhance its features as well. following are the coatings that are most commonly used:

  1. Satin
  2. Matte
  3. Gloss


These are some design alterations which are used to enhance the box. Some of them are:

  1. Embossing
  2. Die-cut
  3. PVC
  4. Debossing
  5. Perforation

Hence, cannabis products can be packed in beautiful and elegant looking pre-roll boxes. pre-roll boxes at wholesale rates can be bought from any box manufacturer of considerable reputation. Thus, they are not only beautiful, sleek and elegant but are also affordable to use and are changing the contours of the tobacco industry as well.

How can you make your cannabis product popular with pre-roll packaging boxes?

Pre roll Packaging Boxes

The cigarette industry is getting popular day by day and now the use of cannabis has become legal. Every cannabis dispensary or tobacco store is now selling pre-rolls. So, the trend of using pre-rolls is also getting popular. But there is a problem all the cannabis dispensaries and tobacco stores are facing that most of the times customer thinks that you are selling low-quality cannabis or other herb pre-rolls. So, you must take the initiative of improving the marketing of your brand so people won’t think like this anymore. How about using custom pre-roll packaging boxes for your pre-rolls? Well, every company is using this way of marketing because the customer will get a good impression of your product.

How you can improve your pre-roll marketing with custom pre-roll packaging?

Well, you get numerous options when it comes to custom packaging. But here are a few suggestions that how you can improve your already customized or not so customized pre-roll packaging:

Graphic Designing:

Most of the cigarette boxes, we see nowadays consists of creepy images, and after seeing that no one would like to buy that cigarette packet for sure. Customers always prefer buying a cigarette box that looks classy which means a logo of the brand and a few instructions. When it comes to pre-rolls you can use graphic designing and put images of the herbs that are packed in that box, your logo, and try to choose a subtle shade for your packaging scheme because it looks classy and quite high class.

Product information:

Don’t miss adding product information like how many grams of tobacco, or any other herb is present in one roll. It helps the customer to deal with their daily tobacco intake. If you don’t follow this step there are high chances that the customer won’t buy your product. Because they will look for any other pre-roll box with all the required information.

Box Designing:

The designing of the box matters a lot because if you pack pre-rolls in a tight box then there are chances it might affect its quality and shape even before the customer buys it. On the contrary, if the box is bigger than the required capacity then you are just paying extra for nothing and you can’t charge the customer for this. So, the design and size of the box have to be accurate that the pre-rolls fits best in it.

Why customized pre-roll packaging is a better choice?

Why you have to start using custom pre-roll packaging boxes when you can simply go on with the old packaging options? Here, are the reasons why you must switch on custom packaging for your pre-rolls:

Green Material:

The material of which custom packaging is mostly made up is Kraft. This material is completely eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable. When you start promoting a cause while working on the marketing of your goods, it might affect the sales percentage of your item in a good way. Doubtlessly you are selling a product that will pollute the air a little bit but a non-biodegradable is worse for the environment. So while promoting your pre-roll brand you are also supporting a good cause. And that is don’t go for non-biodegradable packaged items because, in the end, it will make the environment and our surroundings polluted.  

Economical Packaging:

Most of the time people running different businesses think that they’ll have to spend a lot of money on the packaging for the better presentation of their product. There is nothing true about this though because the custom packaging you get is quite economical. So, whether your product is already in the market or you are just thinking about starting a new setup of pre-rolls then you must choose custom packaging and nothing else.

Customer’s Loyalty:

You earn customer loyalty from the presentation and quality of your products. If the quality of your stuff is good enough then you must put all the required details with your logo on the packaging and give it a branded look.

Get your pre-roll packaging boxes from the Custom Cigarette Packaging. But why?

We talked about different aspects that how customized pre-roll packaging will help your brand to achieve their goals and the company we mentioned above from where you must get your work done because they have a variety of solutions when it comes to designing your customized packaging. They have add-ons that will only enhance the presentation of your product in the finest way. And the customer won’t resist your product and in the end, will finally, buy it.

How marijuana is consumed for recreational use

Pre Roll Packaging Boxes

The number of people who use marijuana for recreational purposes is increasing. More and more people are turning to weed instead of tobacco to enjoy a recreational puff. Weed is a lot better and safer than tobacco.

Weed makes people compassionate:

Many scientific pieces of research have proven that consuming weed makes you more woke and compassionate towards others. When consumed in moderate quantity marijuana has mild to no side effects.

How marijuana is consumed:

According to a survey almost half the Americans admitted to using pot at least once in their lives. Weed is consumed by multiple methods i.e. smoking, eating, and topical application.


For smoking weed popular means are:

  • Joints
  • Blunts
  • Pipe, and
  • Bongs

Smoking weed primarily has to do with the THC content of the marijuana that is a psychoactive cannabinoid and is responsible for the “HIGH”.


Joints are like cigarettes; dried out marijuana is rolled in hemp paper in the form of a joint, which can be lit and smoked just like a cigarette. The only difference is, weed joints are a healthier, better option. Joints come in Custom printed pre-roll Boxes that can be used as storage containers for marijuana as well. Joints are the most popular method of weed consumption.


Blunts can be considered weed cigars; dried up marijuana leaves are rolled in cigar paper. These are thicker and their smoke time is significantly more than the joints. However, blunts are not a healthier option due to harmful chemicals found in cigar casing.


What can be better than an old school pipe (well joints)? People who want to experience a stronger high consume weed by smoking a pipe.


Bongs give you a cooled down, creamy smoke, which is very different from the puff you get with joints and blunts. Bong has a completely different mechanism and the high you get from it is way more strong.


When eating:

  • Weed brownies
  • Cakes, and 
  • Tinctures 

Are popular methods. In edibles the dominating cannabinoid is THC.

Weed brownies and cakes:

“Life the party” is the term that should be used for weed brownies. Edibles make your parties a lot more interesting and fun. Cannabis is added to the brownie mixture and then baked. These brownies look and taste just like regular ones, except they surprise you with a high, shortly after you consume them. Weed cakes are similar to brownies but these are, well, a cake.

Tinctures are a completely different breed; these are alcohol-infused cannabis extracts. But these are consumed orally.

Topical application:

For topical application CBD products such as:

  • Oils
  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Soaps, and
  • Bath bombs are notable products

CBD is a very versatile cannabinoid. It is used to treat skin conditions such as rosacea and acne, it also rejuvenated the skin, helps with blood flow, calms anxiety, helps improve sleep quality, and helps relieve muscle and joint pain. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

Health benefits of marijuana:

Weed consumption has always been a part of human civilization (since ancient times). People used it for spiritual awakening, religious rituals, and as medication. Marijuana or cannabis contains many cannabinoids, each having different sets of properties. The most popular cannabinoids are THC and CBD.

THC has proven pain-relieving effects in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. It also helps with nausea and vomiting because of chemo. CBD is the cannabinoid that helps people with anxiety and depression; it influences the human mind positively and significantly improves mental health. Our body has a system of endocannabinoids, this system has special sites where the cannabinoids (found in weed) can bind.

Why recreational use of marijuana is still not legal in all states?

One may ask why a plant with so many health benefits is still not legal (While tobacco is). I have one word for you, BIG PHARMA. Weed is going to be an exploding, billion-dollar industry; the big pharma will not let it be legal until they have acquired complete control over its supply chain and distribution. Whenever there is a discussion about legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, we are presented with just one argument: there isn’t enough research or more studies are needed.

Pre Roll Boxes

Researching new drugs is your damn job, how about you do it properly and conduct those “MORE STUDIES” needed.

Custom packaging for weed:

Marijuana comes in a wide array of products, all these products have different consistencies and formulas. These products require custom packaging unique to their requirements. Custom Cigarette Boxes is your one-stop-shop for all kinds of custom packaging for weed products.