Cigarette Boxes – A Key to Secure a Good Market Repute for Cigarette Brand

Custom Cigarette Boxes wholesale

Cigarette consumption is more of a fashion than a side these days. Primarily their major consumers were the people belonging to their late thirties and early forties but now these thin tobacco rolls with a paper covering are seen in the hands of every second adult belonging to the elite class. He considers it a part of his personality and keeps the cigarette boxes in his pocket every time. Observing this increased consumer ratio of cigarettes, many tobacco brands are into their making which is giving tough completion to all.

Most of the brands work on quality production of their cigarettes rolls but that is considered as a secondary tool for earning customer trust over the product. What comes first here is the packaging because customers come across it initially and even guess the product quality through it.

What can help you meet the quality packaging requirements for your cigarette brand is going with custom cigarette boxes wholesale. Different avialable choices help you secure your cigarette rolls a good repute in the market.

For example;

A Stylish Packaging:

The major ratio of smokers belongs to the elite class who are style chasers therefore traditional cigarette packaging is of no help. Rather, you as a cigarette brand owner, need to think of some advanced styles for your cigarettes boxing. Here again, you can take assistance from the custom cigarette packaging because it gives you different options in terms of style for example:

  • Window Boxes Packaging
  • Tuck-end Packaging Boxes
  • Sleeve Packaging Boxes
  • Two-Piece Packaging Boxes
  • Rigid Packaging Boxes
  • Die Cut Packaging Boxes

These all have their own looks and opening styles that not only give your cigarettes consumers a different product experience but also help your tobacco brand steal all the limelight in the market.

Assist In Better Branding:

The competition is very tough in the market therefore the cigarette brands of the present era look for something innovative that can help them drive more foot traffic for their exclusive cigarettes. In such a situation no other choice can give you a better branding solution than the wholesale cigarette boxes. Their customization-friendly nature allows you to embed your brand logo and the name stylishly as per your choice. And, these stylishly crafted logos and the label help you engage the customer with your products leading you to a better brand reach.

Cigarette Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Make You Stand Different:

As mentioned earlier that there are a number of cigarette brands. Therefore establishing a strong identity for your one is mandatory to bring more clientage. For this purpose, you can take help from the custom boxes because their print-friendly nature allows you to imprint unique and colorful designs over the packaging. You can also do the graphic detailing or customize the product information. And usage precautions in order to make your cigarette products look different from others of the same kind. Besides making your cigarettes win the identity battle, these facts enhance the product display. And help customers in remembering it for the next time too.

Save Your Cigarettes from Ecological Damages:

Cigarettes are sensitive to temperature changes. Therefore, require solid packaging that can help them sustain their originality in the long term. At this point, the use of customized cardboard or Kraft boxes remains the most feasible option. Because both of them are resistant to heat, moisture, or dry wind. Hence, your cigarette rolls remain in the same condition even after days and days long. Which builds the user’s trust in it resulting in more sales.

A Budget-Friendly Packaging Solution:

Budget management is the major problem that most product brands face these days. It’s because in the old time they had production expenses only but now they have to spare the amount for good packaging as well. However, with the use of cigarette boxes wholesale, you have no need to be worried about the heavy expenditure. The reason is the cardboard or Kraft material they take in their making comes from the natural resources therefore low in price. Moreover, the packaging material doesn’t require heavy machine treatment for the customization that also decreases the cost. Further, most of the packaging companies offer free shipping and free design support. That helps decrease the packaging budget while you earn double your investments.


To conclude, getting the cigarette boxes in wholesale resolves multiple issues. That may become a hurdle in recognizing your cigarette brand in the market. From taking styling decisions to branding and creating a difference to the safety you get the solution of all the problems under one roof.

Leave a long-lasting impression onto the minds of onlookers with your custom packaging boxes!

Custom Printed Cigarette Boxes

Cigarettes are the most manufactured and purchased forms of tobacco items. It does not matter whether they are smoking or non-smoking items. A wide age group ranging from 16-34 meaning young children and adults greatly purchase cigarettes and consume them. Since such a large age group of individuals is greatly consuming cigarettes therefore a number of brands have started to manufacture their own.

Selling of tobaccos to a minor:

Consuming tobacco in public is not illegal but selling tobaccos to a minor is definitely illegal. Though there is no age limit of consuming tobacco minors cannot consume tobacco in any public place. Any individual under the age of 18 is considered a minor and selling a tobacco product to them is highly illegal.

Availability of different smoking brands in the market:

A large number of smoking brands are available in the market and for a newbie, it can become a bit difficult in distinguishing between different brands and finding out which one is better. Now, this is where packaging comes in. If you have designed your cigarette box in a way that is different and unique from the others then it is obvious that your packaging would be appealing to the customers.

Choosing the right material for your packaging boxes:

You might have not focused on the importance of choosing the packaging boxes but it is important that the cigarette boxes are made up of sturdy material. Since men usually store cigarettes boxes in their pockets therefore it is important that the boxes are made up of sturdy material. Usually, a variety of materials are used for making these boxes but the most common material is cardboard.

Appealing packaging is equal to an increase in sales: 

Consumers need a product packaging that touches their hearts and packaging which they can keep close to them. Cigars are easily consumed and thrown away but it is the packaging that will stay with the consumers for a longer period of time. Having a ravishing packaging box with your brand logo, which gives a luxurious feel to the customers upon holding it will definitely be a head-turner. Manufacturing packaging that will give them a deluxe feel is definitely a way of attracting them towards your brand and increasing sales.

Cigarette Packaging boxes

Maintaining the freshness of your cigars:

It is difficult to retain the freshness and aroma of the cigarettes whilst packing it inside the box. Its packing requires a bit of expertise so that the scent and the freshness of the packed cigarettes is maintained. Have you ever wondered how is this done? Typically, a group of cigarettes is made and then they are wrapped inside the foil which maintains their freshness. Then the cigarette pack is packed inside a protective film which is beneficial for preserving the aroma of the cigarettes.

Custom Cigarette Boxes:

Many brands still do not understand the advantages of having custom packaging. And cannot get hold of the fact that good packaging is a great way of carrying the brand message. Similarly, many people do not understand the need of having custom cigarette boxes. The custom boxes serve no other purpose than just making your product appealing to the customers. And getting your brand recognized among the customers or boosting the sales of your cigars.

Plus, if you have custom boxes with your brand logo on them. Then it would be easier for the people to reach your brand and this in return will increase your customer reach. This is why the custom box should at least have a brand logo, brand name, and tagline.

Packaging should leave a long-lasting impression in the mind of your customers:

The consumer will most probably look at your product packaging for some seconds to a maximum of a minute. At this time, it is your responsibility that you attract the onlooker towards your product. And create a long-lasting impression in their minds. Now, you cannot create a long-lasting impression into their minds with the help of your products until and unless they try out your products. So the only way through which you can grab the attention of your onlookers is by making striking packaging. That will grab the attention of the by-passers, immediately.

Cigarette packaging should have a warning on them:

Since you are making a tobacco product that is injurious to health and in some cases can even cause death. Therefore, it is important that your product packaging clearly mentions all the dangers that it can do to your body. You might have seen that some cigarette brands show a picture of non-smokers’ lungs in comparison to the picture of a smoker’s lung. It is a good way of giving warnings and creating awareness amongst all smokers.

How marijuana is consumed for recreational use

Pre Roll Packaging Boxes

The number of people who use marijuana for recreational purposes is increasing. More and more people are turning to weed instead of tobacco to enjoy a recreational puff. Weed is a lot better and safer than tobacco.

Weed makes people compassionate:

Many scientific pieces of research have proven that consuming weed makes you more woke and compassionate towards others. When consumed in moderate quantity marijuana has mild to no side effects.

How marijuana is consumed:

According to a survey almost half the Americans admitted to using pot at least once in their lives. Weed is consumed by multiple methods i.e. smoking, eating, and topical application.


For smoking weed popular means are:

  • Joints
  • Blunts
  • Pipe, and
  • Bongs

Smoking weed primarily has to do with the THC content of the marijuana that is a psychoactive cannabinoid and is responsible for the “HIGH”.


Joints are like cigarettes; dried out marijuana is rolled in hemp paper in the form of a joint, which can be lit and smoked just like a cigarette. The only difference is, weed joints are a healthier, better option. Joints come in Custom printed pre-roll Boxes that can be used as storage containers for marijuana as well. Joints are the most popular method of weed consumption.


Blunts can be considered weed cigars; dried up marijuana leaves are rolled in cigar paper. These are thicker and their smoke time is significantly more than the joints. However, blunts are not a healthier option due to harmful chemicals found in cigar casing.


What can be better than an old school pipe (well joints)? People who want to experience a stronger high consume weed by smoking a pipe.


Bongs give you a cooled down, creamy smoke, which is very different from the puff you get with joints and blunts. Bong has a completely different mechanism and the high you get from it is way more strong.


When eating:

  • Weed brownies
  • Cakes, and 
  • Tinctures 

Are popular methods. In edibles the dominating cannabinoid is THC.

Weed brownies and cakes:

“Life the party” is the term that should be used for weed brownies. Edibles make your parties a lot more interesting and fun. Cannabis is added to the brownie mixture and then baked. These brownies look and taste just like regular ones, except they surprise you with a high, shortly after you consume them. Weed cakes are similar to brownies but these are, well, a cake.

Tinctures are a completely different breed; these are alcohol-infused cannabis extracts. But these are consumed orally.

Topical application:

For topical application CBD products such as:

  • Oils
  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Soaps, and
  • Bath bombs are notable products

CBD is a very versatile cannabinoid. It is used to treat skin conditions such as rosacea and acne, it also rejuvenated the skin, helps with blood flow, calms anxiety, helps improve sleep quality, and helps relieve muscle and joint pain. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

Health benefits of marijuana:

Weed consumption has always been a part of human civilization (since ancient times). People used it for spiritual awakening, religious rituals, and as medication. Marijuana or cannabis contains many cannabinoids, each having different sets of properties. The most popular cannabinoids are THC and CBD.

THC has proven pain-relieving effects in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. It also helps with nausea and vomiting because of chemo. CBD is the cannabinoid that helps people with anxiety and depression; it influences the human mind positively and significantly improves mental health. Our body has a system of endocannabinoids, this system has special sites where the cannabinoids (found in weed) can bind.

Why recreational use of marijuana is still not legal in all states?

One may ask why a plant with so many health benefits is still not legal (While tobacco is). I have one word for you, BIG PHARMA. Weed is going to be an exploding, billion-dollar industry; the big pharma will not let it be legal until they have acquired complete control over its supply chain and distribution. Whenever there is a discussion about legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, we are presented with just one argument: there isn’t enough research or more studies are needed.

Pre Roll Boxes

Researching new drugs is your damn job, how about you do it properly and conduct those “MORE STUDIES” needed.

Custom packaging for weed:

Marijuana comes in a wide array of products, all these products have different consistencies and formulas. These products require custom packaging unique to their requirements. Custom Cigarette Boxes is your one-stop-shop for all kinds of custom packaging for weed products.

Market Oriented and Premium Cartridge Packaging for Vapes

The industry of vapes is growing day by day. There are endless types of vapes available in the market. Customers can choose their favorite flavor among dozens. A big reason for the growth of this industry is due to the legalization of marijuana products. Hence, the manufacturers who are producing these vapes are making good profits. Also, there are numerous brands in the market offering vapes. That is why the competition among the manufacturers is also rising. To beat this competition, manufacturers use different tactics to stay on the top. One of those tactics is generating sales through premium cartridge packaging of these products. Cartridge packaging is famous for a vape as these boxes can perfectly hold the vape tubes. So, the brand owners find cartridge packaging the best way to add glamor to their products. Moreover, cartridge packaging boxes for vapes can protect them for a long-lasting time. Thus increasing the shelf life of these products as well.

Custom Designs for Vape Cartridge Boxes

Brand value and product recognition are of significant importance for every business. There might be hundreds of other products in the market among which vapes from your brand can be overlooked easily. But at the same time, you can blow life into vape boxes and gain customer attention as well. For that, customization of your boxes is the best tool. Through customizations, you can avail packaging boxes in the trendiest designs that will give value to your products and attract customers. The use of creative designs and customized themes are also possible. No matter how long you are in the market, good packaging always counts for generating sales. This is the packaging that can transform an ordinary product in the market into a hot-selling one. Customized designs imprinted on the boxes and distinctive designs make the products distinguished among many others in the market. Vape cartridge boxes can be made even more charming with the help of these designs. In this way, you can easily ensure a remarkable brand recognition in the market as customers are pretty much into beautifully presented products. They only remember those products for a long time which give them an unforgettable unboxing experience. Innovative themes and eye-catching graphic images always stick to the minds of customers. In this way, they will naturally tend to look for your products in their next visit to the market. Hence, customized designs for these boxes always counts for high market value and customer satisfaction.

Try Unique Shapes & Personalization for Vape Boxes

There are endless ways in which you can present your products to your customers. Now it is up to you that how well you personalize your boxes to make them look unique. With custom shapes and style, you can gain significant customer attention. First of all, there is a need to understand how important is this for you to stand out. If you keep on sending your products in the market without any exclusivity, then there is a very low chance that you will ever be recognized as a brand in the market. That is why unique shapes and customizations for vape boxes are of considerable importance. These unique shapes can either be in the form of drawer-like boxes in which the vape will slide out of the box with grace. There are many other advantages of utilizing these two-piece packaging boxes for the vapes such as you can enhance their safety as well as customer loyalty. The combination of sleeve and tray for the boxes will impact the customers remarkably. So, add an extra buzz to the vapes through unique sleeve boxes printed with your company information such as company name, logo, and tagline. These tactics will make your customers feel associated with your brand. Your customers would love to stick to your brand for a long-lasting time due to the way you present them to your products. So, get your products ready for sales through elegant printing and increase your credibility in the market.

Best Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging Boxes

Well, boxes can be of many kinds here on our website. But we have a dedicated portion on our website offering endless vape packaging options for the users. You can take a complete overview of our matchless boxes available. You can avail any of these boxes in your desired customization options. Vape Cartridge Packaging can be adorned with creative themes and customized finishing options such as glossy finish or matte finish. We, at Custom Cigarette Boxes, will make sure that you get your desired boxes in the classiest looks. We have all the facilities at our company for giving you the most high-end boxes. Regardless of what kind of boxes you need, we have all the capability to provide you the most glamorous vape packaging boxes for your business. Come up with your ideas and get a custom quote from us after our sales executives will further enhance your idea and polish it according to the trends.

The significance of a packaging boxes for cigarettes

Custom Cigarette Packaging

There are many ways a customer can be influenced such as price, quality, need, and presentation. Out of all these ways, the one that has a greater impact is the packaging. Regardless of the fact that you are an owner of a newly launched product or an old one, packaging needs to be up to the mark so that your brand doesn’t get behind anyone. This is because of the reason that packaging is the costume of your products. The more you put style and elegance into the packaging, the greater will be the impression of your products on your customers.

Many new startups overlook the element of packaging and suffer in the long run. That is why, as soon as the product is manufactured, it should be packed in an exceptional packaging that is second to none. It’s the only way that you can increase the credibility of your brand. Moreover, your customers will be gratified while choosing your brand as a good packaging is evidence of a great product. Especially, when the product involved couldn’t be marketed on traditional media such as cigarettes.

Cigarette Packaging

When it comes to cigarettes, it is important to understand the fact that there are hundreds of tobacco companies. They are all trying their utmost to market their brand across the globe. Hence, if you don’t pay heed towards the recognition of your brand, you will soon lose your customers. Tobacco consumers are never consistent with the choice of their brand. They tend to keep on changing brands until they get complete satisfaction. That is the reason cigarette companies have greater competition than any other industry. The reason we are focusing so much on the packaging is that cigarette packaging is the only way that can be used as a tool to market this commodity. The restrictions on cigarette advertisements on traditional media restrict the marketing and branding opportunities for the manufacturers. Yet you will not be in loss if you have a great marketing strategy for your cigarettes.

Good and reliable packaging not only enhances the protection of enclosed cigarettes but also brings new customers. People will always judge the quality of your cigarettes through the package. So, all you need to do is make the package more embellished with all the useful information so that the customers can be attracted at first glance. Alluring packaging is the key to attract customers in a market full of products of similar category.

Cigarette Boxes

Boxes as Extension of Brands

The packaging as a carrier of the brand message is still underestimated by many companies. In this blog, we’ll show you how the packaging can be used to shape and support the identity of the brand. The packaging as a brand ambassador plays a central role in entering the market and in accepting new product categories. Brand trust can be actively used by manufacturers to create brand loyalty and expand their portfolio of traditional products. Therefore, a single package with a clear brand message is a decisive factor in the purchase decision.

All you need to do to become a reputable brand in the market is to spread awareness. Whenever people are looking for a cigarette brand in the market, their eyes must be caught by your cigarettes. This is only possible by introducing such a packaging that is recognizable from afar. For that, you can make use of bright and unique colors for the boxes to be printed with. It can be possible with the help of Custom Cigarette Packaging.

Custom cigarette packaging advantages

Cigarette brands can be seen everywhere in the market and people choose the one that stands out. That is why customizing your cigarette boxes with creative designs and personalization such as logo, company name, and the tagline is important. Custom boxes with logo can be used for your cigarettes to make your products more recognizable in the market. People will figure out your brand easily if it’s customized with your company details in an impressive and prominent way. That’s how you can maximize your customer reach. Also, customizations in the boxes allow you to avail boxes in any kind of technical details. Regardless of the shape and size of the boxes, you can still make any last-minute changes in the dimensions.

How to order custom boxes?

There is much that you can do with your packaging with the help of custom boxes. But the main question that might be popping up in your mind is that how you can avail custom boxes? The short answer is from Custom Cigarette Boxes. And the long answer is; from a company that is well established for the packaging of cigarettes. We, at Custom Cigarette Boxes, offer complete customization options for your products. However, we have given some sample boxes on our list of boxes for cigarettes. Yet with the assistance of our customer support executives, you can make any changes to these boxes.

All you need to do is tell us your need and we’ll help you in polishing your idea for cigarette boxes. Whether you need traditional cigarette boxes with unmatched and unique custom designs or you need to have something more creative, you can come up with your idea.

Do not delay contacting us if you are already here and reading this blog. Get our latest discounts on bulk orders as well.

Evolution of Cigarette Packaging and Cigarettes in America

cigarette packaging

Cigarettes have always been deemed “Cool” but why is that? Well, the answer is imbedded in the history of the cigarette and how the packaging of the cigarettes created the image of them to be something cool. The issue with early cigarettes and tobacco in general was that they were not deemed harmful, most Hollywood stars and starlets were all smoking expensive tobacco brands through pipes because the advent of cigarettes which made people think of them as products linked to high social status or just the rich and famous people.

Although the use of Tobacco dates back to 5000BC it is important to note that the commercialization of the tobacco started in Ancient China and Mexico, the tobacco speared far and wide and soon it reached England, where it was advertised as “Gentlemanly and Masculine” it soon came on the ships to America, this can be as early as the time Christopher Columbus actually came to attack the Natives of America.

The first cigarette was actually created by Washington Duke in the mid-1860s, where he hand-pressed as well as hand-rolled tobacco in paper. He sold these to the soldiers at the end of Civil war in America, but the issue was that hand rolled cigarettes took a long time to make and there was no way to mass produce them. However, in 1880s James Bonsack created a machine that pressed and rolled cigarettes much faster and soon cigarettes were being mass-produced and their popularity raised.

Cigarette Boxes

This was well and good; However, the packaging and advertisement for cigarettes did not start until the early 1900s. From 1920 to 1930. The packaging of cigarettes was bright and colorful, each cigarette has beautiful illustrations and many came in collector’s packs as well. Many companies even launched their own steel or other metal cases for the collectors to purchase and have in their limited time promotions.

Companies like Camel and Lucky Strike were the winners of this era, they created custom cigarette boxes with illustrations that promoted the idea that cigarettes were for cool kids or they would help you check your weight. Lucky strike came out with many posters of the sort, one in particular using the tagline

“The Shock of Facing what your Figure may become When Tempted, Reach out for a Lucky Instead.”

This was used with the face of Miss America illustrated on the front cover, the company also added in the ad that the cigarettes did not help lose weight but if you were tempted to eat, you could divert your attention towards smoking a Lucky strike instead.”

In another add they used the tagline “Do you inhale?” as an old smoking alternative for “You can’t sit with us”, it showed that you were not the part of the “it” crowd if you could not smoke a lucky strike and inhale it. Mind you, this was before the cigarette health effects came out.

In the World war 2, Chesterfield Cigarettes started promoting their cigarettes in a romantic mannerism, the Cigarette boxes would have illustrations of soldiers away from home and the taglines insinuated that the soldiers away from home felt closer to their home when they smoked. One particular tagline used by Camels was highly popular in this era used for the ads, it goes as follows;

“Just like the taste of Home”

This was used over a picture of a soldier sitting against a tree in army clothing. This made people buy cigarettes in a form of sentiment for home. On the other hand, Chesterfield used taglines like;

“It’s His Cigarettes and Mine”

This is over the illustration of a female soldier wife, the romanticism of the cigarettes made the women feel closer to their war gone husbands.

A new and war-free era began soon; the music and color was what made people feel normal in this time, the war had ended two decades ago but most people remembered it and so they started to want “Normality” again. In doing so, the ads and banners were all promoting a normal home life. Camels again came out with an ad that summarized most ad campaigns after war.

“Nothing Like this in the Army. (Except the Camels)”

This was above an illustration of a woman lighting a cigarette for her husband on the dinner table.

Fast forward to 1960s-1970s, the rise of Beatles and music as well as the rise of fashion again after two decades of war. Slims came out with their famous skinny cigarettes, the posters and banners that advertised these were of thin women, doused in jewelry and luxury clothing while smoking a cigarette or holding one. The cigarettes were mainly aimed at women and were therefore advertised in a rather feminine way. One tagline read:

“121 Brands of Fat Cigarettes and Virginia slims are made to fit you.”

These words influenced people to think of cigarettes as a diet again and they were seen as elegant as well as a part of jewelry. All posters showed illustrations of women posing in high fashion clothing with cigarettes in their hands and even though they used less product, these cigarettes were sold at a higher price. They were basically the Supreme of 1960s.

2000 to the present time, the bad effects of cigarettes were now widely known, however people did not seem to quit smoking because there was still the issue of teens thinking that smoking was cool, due to all the packaging and advert illustrations showing them that smoking was cool. This is when the word started to shift, most country’s started use simple cigarette packaging, which was required by law. No advertising was allowed on the cigarette packs and the tempting taglines were then removed.

All onscreen ads are now required to have the health warning “Smoking is Injurious to Health” as well as the smoke packs having the same warning. The images on the packs now hold images of effects of smoking and companies like Custom Cigarette Boxes show cigarette boxes on their websites to be completely customizable and that is true however the company that orders, much get them manufactured according to the law or there can be serious legal consequences.

Your Brand’s Missing out on Prodigious Cigarette Packaging!

Custom Cigarette Boxes

With the advancement in the tobacco industry, not only the rates of smoking have increased over the past few years but the number of products have also been increased. The main reason is not the awareness of its use but the habits one grabs due to his or her peers. According to the statistics, about 80.8% of the population in United States did smoking in the year 2005. As much as smoking is injurious to health and as much as it is addictive, the trend is about being cool and classy by smoking expensive cigarettes. It is also said that most teenagers start smoking at a very young age by taking influence of their elders or their peers. So this shows that tobacco industry has definitely grown up to a higher extent. It can be said that if a new company introduces their cigarettes, they would make money because for one, people want high quality in their products and two, they want expensive looking stuff.

Packaging’s Role in Sales

From all the information stated above, it is evident that packaging plays a major part in attracting customers towards your product. This is because a unique and innovative product will be eye-catching and when you are on the path of making a difference, the looks of your products matter the most. So whenever you see any company belonging from any industry, you will observe that they will work a lot on the packaging of their product line. For any company to score a great image in the market, they will have to put great emphasis on the kind of packaging they do!

The History of Smoking

Smoking has existed ever since the start of time and from about 1930s to 1950s, smoking was considered to be healthy and it wasn’t until the end of 1950s that the scientists found out that smoking was injurious to health. However, it didn’t make much of a change because addiction of tobacco never let people stop themselves.

Custom Cigarette Boxes

Types of Tobacco Consumption Sources and their Packaging Styles

  • Cigars

Cigars are considered to be the elite source of consuming tobacco. Everywhere on the internet, cigars are associated with the “prestige factor” and this is the main reason why they are so expensive. Moreover, the box style of cigars has to be luxurious and rigid. The style is mostly flap boxes or sleeve styles; the main purpose behind this idea is to present them as “distinctive and premium” in the market. Even the tobacco used in cigars is different and expensive so that increases the overall value of the product.

  • Traditional Cigarettes

It wasn’t until 1919, when the trend of smoking traditional cigarettes was at boom. The main reason was that due to the Great War, the soldiers and men used smoking as a way to calm themselves down. In modern world, women have also started to smoke and it is no longer claimed to be gender specific.

The box style used for basic and traditional cigarettes is the hinged lid box with an auto lock bottom or it can be sealed one too. The purpose of this packaging is to protect the product inside and also to increase the ease in assembling the boxes.

  • E-Cigarettes

Just like advancement in any other industry, technology has entered this market as well. E-cigarettes are considered to be chicer and classy than traditional cigarettes. The box style of this type has to be the most updated one because the entire gear of the e-cigarette has to be packaged. The box style can be anything from a tuck in box to a rigid box with magnetic flap or a sleeve style box.

  • Vape

The alternative to tobacco smoking in the industry was introduced as vape. It is the most popular trend among teenagers and it is considered as a healthier alternative of other cigarette products. The box style for vape is mostly sleek and has a tuck in flap with auto lock bottom.

Now, let’s move on to the customization process of the packaging boxes for Custom Cigarette Boxes:


Sturdy material of stock is highly necessary to make sure that the product stays protected inside. This will help the box maintain its shape during shipment and then for further use as well.

  • Paper Card
  • Cardboard
  • Kraft Paper


Getting customized packaging boxes has its own benefits. One of which is the freedom in customizing the product the way you want. Size, shape, and style of the box play a great role to attract the customers. The more updated and unique the box is, better will be the look and ultimately, better branding.


Packaging companies have a team of designers who provide guidance and support to come up with the best design templates. Having an innovative and premium design over the box will increase the overall look of it and hence, it will become eye-catching.


Clear and vibrant printing will make the product look edgy and complete. This look will be achieved by using modern printing techniques and premium inks. Not only the print will be vibrant, but it will also be long lasting as well which is exactly what a brand needs.

Finishing Styles

Mentioned below are the finishing styles that will add to the look of the box:

  • Die Cutting
  • Gluing
  • Scoring
  • Perforation
  • Window Cut Out
  • Gold/Silver Foiling
  • Embossing
  • Raised Ink

The basic reason of getting a high quality packaging box is not just related to the branding of your brand or the sales of your product, but it also increases the level of protection of the product inside. Because cigarettes are a delicate product and no matter what quality, humidity can affect it; this is why the packaging boxes have to be of the sturdiest quality. This will also give out a good impression on the customers and will help you stand out among your competitors.

Why Customized Packaging is Significant for your Cigarettes?

Custom Cigarette Boxes

If you very well know about something, such as impact of cigarettes on our health, how you will continue to that habit? But still people are getting attracted towards this good for nothing habit that is smoking. Tobacco companies are getting modified with launching or introducing new types of cigarettes for making their customers involved in their brand. If we talk about smoking, we all know that once someone get addicted to this habit than no one can let them convince to leave this habit. People may quit a brand but cannot quit smoking. In fact, all are very well aware of smoking’s injurious factors to health but still are inclining towards it.

If you are new to smoking, then definitely you don’t know about the various factors of smoking. there is a safe way and some important rules for smoking. Yes, everything in this world has some ways and rules to get adopted and beyond the limit everything gets injurious and unnecessary. Smoking is not only about nicotine consumption, it really a way to get rid of depression or some stomach problems for some people. In fact, many people just adopt this unnecessary habit by getting attracted by the presentation and packaging of cigarettes. The packaging is really important for the progress or existence of brand that is strong existence.

Advanced ways of smoking with exclusive packaging styles:

There are several shapes and types for cigarettes are available for the people who are really addicted to nicotine consumption. But as the world is getting advanced and due to effective warning messages people are moving towards safer ways of smoking. Yes, this is absolutely right that advancement and modernization of this era have turned the things to be more modified than the older ones. Such as:


The most traditional way of nicotine consumption is cigarettes. when people were not so much introduced to the cigarettes, with the help of packaging they were attracted towards cigarettes. at that time in fact for every time packaging is a convenient and portable method for marketing. Hinged Lid is the most demanded packaging style for cigarettes. There are some most famous brands of cigarettes.

  • Marlboro
  • Camel
  • Gold leaf
  • Dunhill
  • Davidoff

Have you ever think about the fact that why these brands are so much popular and are customer’s demand? Just think about the fact that which product you will prefer a best quality packaging product or a product with ordinary packaging? obviously you will go for the product which will be in aesthetic packaging.

Vape or Electronic Cigarettes:

Vape is a new and advance way of smoking with low risk of health. Vapes are somehow different from electronic cigarettes in a way that electronic cigarette is battery operated device just like the shape of pen or we can say as vapor pen. On the other hand, vapes are in form of bottles and juices are used which can either be of nicotine or without nicotine with different flavor of fruits or vegetables. For such kind of brands, packaging that is considered as effective is reverse tuck-end boxes, straight tuck-end boxes and sometimes Rigid boxes.

Rigid boxes are the most exclusive way to make your products unique and best in packaging. In some boxes there are portions to place the cigarettes in an effective way for the maintenance of their shape and quality.

Importance of personalized packaging:

A person who is professional in a real meaning can understand this term of personalized packaging. Personalized packaging is the best way to explain your brand’s story in an effective way. You can get your desired style and shapes for boxes such as Custom Cigarette Boxes, and also you can add your company’s logo with attractive messages or storylines to improve your brand’s image.

A packaging can even take your product to the heights and even can bring it to down the earth. It’s totally depends upon your selected way that how you will improve your brand’s image.

Logos: Attractive logos can easily make the customers attracted towards your cigarette such as Camel which has a logo of camel. This is how a logo works for a brand.

Graphics and abbreviations: if you really get personalized packaging or even customized packaging you will come to know that how a packaging can mold the identity and people’s choice for a brand especially for cigarettes.

Safe shipment:

Shipment is a process where there is risk of packaging damage but if packaging is of good quality, trust me, you will never face any problem related to the product’s presentation and its quality. You can easily make your products retail ready with customized cigarette boxes. Nothing can be impossible if you are in touch with reliable company.

Importance of Inimitable Packaging of your Cigarettes!

Custom Cigarette Boxes

Tobacco industry has definitely seen a boom over the past few years. This is because in late 80’s, the kids used to hide their smoking habits from their parents but now in 2000’s, everyone does it quite casually. The way smoking habits have been seen in youngsters, it is evident that the trend of smoking cigarettes has prevailed in our society. Mostly, people are addicted to the taste of nicotine but now, it is all about looking cool among your fellows and showing off the smoke. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that now it has nothing to do with addiction but just impressions.

How Cigarette Packaging Affects Sales?

Due to the rapid increase in smoking, the tobacco industry has observed some of the largest sale patterns. The competition in market has increased by leaps and bounds. This is why different brands now work to improve the overall quality of their cigarettes. Now, only the taste of the cigarette doesn’t matter, or the slim structure isn’t the only important thing; how a cigarette looks is the most important thing for most people now. Why? Well, as said before, it is more about maintaining an impression than it is about addiction. People smoke expensive cigarettes as a status symbol and to show off their taste and likeness in cigarettes.

Here we can take the example of Marlboro. It is stated as the biggest cigarette brand with the largest sales among all of the other competitors. Other brands like, the ones mentioned below, are also quite popular because of high quality cigarette and the packaging as well:

  • Newport
  • Camel
  • Pall Mall Box
  • Maverick
  • Santa Fe
  • Winston
  • Kool

Brand Recognition

When you introduce high quality cigarettes packaged in high quality boxes, your brand will be recognized at a great level. Customized packaging gives your brand a great amount of recognition in the market among consumers and puts you at a higher level than your competitors.


Custom Cigarette Boxes

Getting customized Cigarette Boxes gives you the perfect ticket of tailoring your product boxes. The best way of giving your product a good look is by carefully putting together all the pieces. Shape, size, color, and style of the box plays a great role in making your product not just display worthy but worthy of sales as well.

The Role of Color

According to psychology, colors play a great role in marketing your product. If red is the color for energy and boldness, then green is the color for tranquility and purple is the color for wisdom, royalty. The point is, how you customize your product says a lot about how your product will perform in the market. It is extremely important to carefully select the combination of the color scheme. You can make your product vibrant and simple, just as you want but the perfect product would be the one in which the colors have been decided with wit.


Full customization option means full liberty of deciding what kind of design you want in your cigarette boxes. Customized packaging gives you the option of getting your choice of vibrant or simple designs from the designers. This makes it easy for you to easily reflect the vibe of your own brand. As said before, personalization of the product boxes gives you brand recognition and this way, your company will be able to stand out more. Designers support you through the graphics and give you professional advice. This way you will able to have a clearer idea of what you want in your box’s design. Moreover, you get the option of giving your box a finishing style of your choice; embossing, foiling, aqueous coating, UV spot coating, gloss or matte lamination, depending upon the type of look you are going for.

Box Style

The most popular box style for cigarette boxes is the vertical shaped box, with a hinged lid or you can even call it flap lid. The box has a lock bottom which provides even more security to the entire box. These boxes are always shipment friendly and this assembly is the most popular type. But with the changing trends, sleeve box style is also used for cigarette boxes. Like, a slide in box style for cigarettes is also in the market. And on your own preference, you can also get rigid box style with magnetic flap for your cigarettes. Any popular box style can be altered and used for your products. This adds uniqueness and innovation to your products.

The Role of Size

Customization gives you the liberty of playing around with the size. Back in 80’s, kiddie sized cigarette boxes were introduced which could be easily hiding anywhere. Classy king sized cigarette boxes are also introduced by elite companies who like to show off their style. And now, you can introduce pocket friendly cigarette boxes; this will help people in carrying their cigarettes and will provide greater accessibility.

Protection of Product

Most cigarette boxes are made in the aim of protecting the cigarettes from any damage. Cigarettes can easily lose their quality if they are exposed to water or even humidity and moisture. So a sturdy packaging box will also serve the purpose of protecting your product. Customized boxes are always made from high quality paper stock. This includes cardboard material, or even paper boxes. The aim is to ensure that the cigarettes maintain their shape and quality inside the box and that, the pressure of any other product doesn’t destroy them.

To get sturdy, innovative and classy boxes, you can contact SUPPORT@CUSTOMCIGARETTEBOXES.COM