Leave a long-lasting impression onto the minds of onlookers with your custom packaging boxes!

Custom Printed Cigarette Boxes

Cigarettes are the most manufactured and purchased forms of tobacco items. It does not matter whether they are smoking or non-smoking items. A wide age group ranging from 16-34 meaning young children and adults greatly purchase cigarettes and consume them. Since such a large age group of individuals is greatly consuming cigarettes therefore a number of brands have started to manufacture their own.

Selling of tobaccos to a minor:

Consuming tobacco in public is not illegal but selling tobaccos to a minor is definitely illegal. Though there is no age limit of consuming tobacco minors cannot consume tobacco in any public place. Any individual under the age of 18 is considered a minor and selling a tobacco product to them is highly illegal.

Availability of different smoking brands in the market:

A large number of smoking brands are available in the market and for a newbie, it can become a bit difficult in distinguishing between different brands and finding out which one is better. Now, this is where packaging comes in. If you have designed your cigarette box in a way that is different and unique from the others then it is obvious that your packaging would be appealing to the customers.

Choosing the right material for your packaging boxes:

You might have not focused on the importance of choosing the packaging boxes but it is important that the cigarette boxes are made up of sturdy material. Since men usually store cigarettes boxes in their pockets therefore it is important that the boxes are made up of sturdy material. Usually, a variety of materials are used for making these boxes but the most common material is cardboard.

Appealing packaging is equal to an increase in sales: 

Consumers need a product packaging that touches their hearts and packaging which they can keep close to them. Cigars are easily consumed and thrown away but it is the packaging that will stay with the consumers for a longer period of time. Having a ravishing packaging box with your brand logo, which gives a luxurious feel to the customers upon holding it will definitely be a head-turner. Manufacturing packaging that will give them a deluxe feel is definitely a way of attracting them towards your brand and increasing sales.

Cigarette Packaging boxes

Maintaining the freshness of your cigars:

It is difficult to retain the freshness and aroma of the cigarettes whilst packing it inside the box. Its packing requires a bit of expertise so that the scent and the freshness of the packed cigarettes is maintained. Have you ever wondered how is this done? Typically, a group of cigarettes is made and then they are wrapped inside the foil which maintains their freshness. Then the cigarette pack is packed inside a protective film which is beneficial for preserving the aroma of the cigarettes.

Custom Cigarette Boxes:

Many brands still do not understand the advantages of having custom packaging. And cannot get hold of the fact that good packaging is a great way of carrying the brand message. Similarly, many people do not understand the need of having custom cigarette boxes. The custom boxes serve no other purpose than just making your product appealing to the customers. And getting your brand recognized among the customers or boosting the sales of your cigars.

Plus, if you have custom boxes with your brand logo on them. Then it would be easier for the people to reach your brand and this in return will increase your customer reach. This is why the custom box should at least have a brand logo, brand name, and tagline.

Packaging should leave a long-lasting impression in the mind of your customers:

The consumer will most probably look at your product packaging for some seconds to a maximum of a minute. At this time, it is your responsibility that you attract the onlooker towards your product. And create a long-lasting impression in their minds. Now, you cannot create a long-lasting impression into their minds with the help of your products until and unless they try out your products. So the only way through which you can grab the attention of your onlookers is by making striking packaging. That will grab the attention of the by-passers, immediately.

Cigarette packaging should have a warning on them:

Since you are making a tobacco product that is injurious to health and in some cases can even cause death. Therefore, it is important that your product packaging clearly mentions all the dangers that it can do to your body. You might have seen that some cigarette brands show a picture of non-smokers’ lungs in comparison to the picture of a smoker’s lung. It is a good way of giving warnings and creating awareness amongst all smokers.

In What Ways Custom Boxes Help in the Upgradation of Your Cigar Packaging?

Cigar Boxes

Although the government is working hard to minimize smoking still it is in trend, particularly among teenagers. They consider smoking a symbol of their class and a part of their style. A greater number of people are in the cigar business viewing their increasing demand. But smokers of today want something more from the cigarette packaging. They don’t like to keep an ordinary cigarette box with them as they believe that it devalues their personality. Hence, cigar brands are paying attention to upgrade their cigar packaging using custom cigar boxes. These boxes with their unique features are an all-in-one solution for festive cigar packing. Hence, we recommend you to include cigar boxes packaging for enclosing your cigarettes and enjoy high sales of your product. 

Bring Style to Your Cigars for Gaining Maximum Customers:

As the cigar consumers are mostly the people belonging from teenage, and teenagers are more likely towards the variety and styling. Therefore, as a cigarette manufacturer, you need to introduce versatility in the packaging to attract customers. Custom packaging can synthesize you in bringing the required versatility in packaging as they are flexible for designing and styling. You can use designs that are different from the competitors to make your cigars stand separately in the marketplace. You can go with bright colours as they give an attention call from the distance even.

Give Your Product Safety from External Damaging Factors for Sustaining Originality to Them:

Cigarettes are a delicate product and therefore require special care to sustain their originality. Hence, you must enclose them in the packing that gives them ultimate safety as per their requirement. We, therefore, suggest custom boxes as they are made using cardboard. Cardboard material has the properties to save your cigarettes from getting moist, dry, or shapeless. In this way, your cigarettes remain in their original position for a long time. In addition to it, you can add a thin plastic seal to ensure more safety of your cigars.

Flexible In Terms of Shape and Size to Give Your Cigars a Perfect Packaging:

The size of the packaging matters a lot in making a product worth selling. Nobody likes to have a cigarette box with him that is unfit i.e., doesn’t accommodate all the pieces of cigarette properly, or too large according to the number of cigarettes. In such a case, we believe that no other option is better than choosing cigar boxes packaging. These boxes are flexible in terms of size and shape. You can easily get them tailored according to the requirements of your cigars.

Cigar Boxes Packaging

Embossing-An Additional Factor of Custom Boxes for Improved Marketing:

Embossing always works as an additional factor in making the worth of any product. It is the raised texture of the brand label or the logo that speaks aloud about your brand. With custom packaging boxes you can easily use this tactic to make the packing attractive to the eyes. In this way, you can have more sales of the product and will be able to reach your business goals in less time.  

Flexible For Providing Relevant Information About Your Product:

Customers always pay more attention to the products that share some specific information about them through packaging. We believe that by using custom cigar packaging, you can easily share relevant information about the manufacture of your cigars. Furthermore, you can share the harmful effects of excessive smoking. It will help the customer to know about your cigars and the standard of your product through the ingredients used in making them. In this way, the sales of your cigarettes will automatically increase.

Give Your Cigars an Alluring Packaging While Remaining in Your Budget:

When you hear about fancy packaging, a common thing that may hit your mind is high pricing, and eventually, you start worrying about your budget. But with custom packaging, you do not need to worry about packaging prices. The reason is these boxes are prepared using cardboard that Is available at a low price. Moreover, when you get the boxes in bulk from wholesale, you get huge discounts. In this way, your packaging budget reduces to the maximum and you earn more and more profit from the alluring cigar packaging.

If you are intending to run a cigar business or a person already into this business, you must not ignore the importance of festive cigar packaging. It not only increases the worth of your cigars but also contributes to your brand’s overall market value. If you are looking for high-quality cigar boxes contact us at Custom Cigarette Boxes to get your quote today. We provide free graphic illustrations for customization of cigar boxes packaging and also offer free shipping of boxes.

Captivate your Cigarette Brand with Personalized Packaging

Custom Cigar Boxes

One thing that can never be quitted after adopting once is a habit of smoking. Smokers know it very well that they can create safer ways to smoke but cannot quit this habit. There is no best way to smoke but it can get safer as because smoking has become a habit of every next youngster or adult and even oldies as well. Men or women, doesn’t matter because smoking is left with no boundaries for both the genders, even girls are addicted to smoking as well. As technology and this era getting advanced and modern respectively, things are also getting modified. So by introducing new ways of smoking the tobacco industry is expanding day by day.

Well! as a smoker, if you were given a choice of different ways of smoking what will you choose? If you think like a smoker than definitely you will choose the one that is long lasting and also much safer than ordinary cigarettes. Every new smoker take start with normal cigarettes. There is a chain that is followed by smokers; first they use to smoke flavored cigarettes and then slowly move towards nicotine cigarettes. So, slowly they start adopting other ways of smoking or it will be right to say that they start moving towards safer ways of smoking. Cigar is one of the safer way of smoking and is not that much injurious to health as nicotine cigarettes are.

Why Cigars are better than normal Cigarettes?

There are a lot of ways to smoke and to adopt safer ways for smoking. smoking is the addiction which can never be quitted but it become safer by adopting different and safe ways of smoking. Cigar is one of the safer way to make your smoking cool and safe. There are many types of Cigars available in market.

  • Corona
  • Lonsdale
  • Panatela
  • Churchill
  • Robusto

Customized Packaging can attract Customers:

If we talk about the different ways of smoking, we come to know that with the advancement of technology, the things are also getting advance. The work which was for a group of men and takes hours now has become the work of one person of few minutes. With the passage of time, tobacco industry attain progress and make their products more advanced in order to capture the attraction of their customers. The biggest thing that made them addicted of such brands is the level of quality that these brands have use for the packaging of their products.

Yes, this is absolutely right that packaging plays a vital role in the strong and progressive existence of a brand. You can overwhelm your customers with your brand’s premium quality packaging. if we come to know that how much a packaging is important to a product we will definitely pay more attention towards it after quality manufacturing of product.

Custom Cigar Boxes

Important factors about Cigar:

If you are thinking to start Cigar instead if normal or we can say as nicotine cigarettes, then there are few important things that you need to understand and should know about them.

Humidity sensitive:

Cigars are basically humidity sensitive and need proper maintained temperature for long existence. They can either absorb moisture or release their moisture from external environment. A Cigar can lose its essential oils and flavors which can totally alternates their taste and existence time.

Good seal:

A good seal is really Important for your Cigars because if you don’t use a good seal or packaging it can become dry and all humidity will leave from it by leaving it dry. Spanish cedar is a best way to make the internal packaging good for the humidors.

Bigger boxes will be better:

As a professional you should know about the fact that bigger boxes for the packaging of Cigars will be better than compressed and small boxes. This is because bigger boxes will play better role to maintain the shape and presentation of Cigars.

Explain your brand’s story with personalized packaging:

Always use to attract the customers by aesthetic and solid packaging for your brand. as we are talking about Cigar, the best packaging and the mostly used packaging for the better presentation of Cigars is Rigid Boxes. Personalized packaging that is Custom Cigar Boxes is better than other normal packaging because you can easily explain the description of your Cigar’s brand. Churchill Cigar was named after a particular personality. So by using personality name, you can easily explain the quality and the story of your brand.

This is how you can grab the attention of customers with your aesthetic packaging of brand. Yes, it sometimes feels impossible until its done but a reliable company with creative skills can easily convert impossible in possibility.