Best Way to Promote your Cigars through Exceptional Packaging

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If you know your cigars, you know that you want something like a freshly hand-rolled and hand-cut Cuban cigar from the deep ends of Miami. The rich smell, the beautiful color, and the heavy taste are not matched by any other, in the industry. Just like that, when you look for cigars in terms of premium packaging, you want something that screams Miami to you. Unlike cigarette smoking, which is almost done by every other person, cigar smoking has also become quite popular among people these days. Back in the days, cigars were smoked by rich people to mainly flaunt around their wealth and even today, the purpose remains the same. The only difference is that now cigars have been legalized in the states and now people have the “ticket” to show off their expensive taste.

Cigars have always been a symbol of wealth, luxury and sophistication. Ever since the beginning of time, people prefer the high quality cigars exclusively made from perfectly harvested tobacco and then hand-wrapped into a premium paper. The worthiest of cigars are the most expensive ones because a lot of hard work goes into its manufacturing. The two factors which make up the price of cigars are:

  • High consistency
  • Quality Performance

Variations in Cigars Manufacturing and Packaging

Every product that is being manufactured has its own specialties and uniqueness. Each kind of cigar differs not just in quality but in manufacturing as well. The size, shape, and flavor vary from company to company and of course, the demand of every demographic area is different. Every cigar brand out there in the market and especially the reputed ones, have maintained their own range of flavors and styles according to what their customers want. Smoking cigar is not like smoking cigarettes, it is a complete experience of richness and luxury. Mentioned below are the popular brands of cigars:

  1. Montecristo
  2. Macanudo
  3. Cohiba
  4. Padron
  5. Bolivar
  6. Fonseca
  7. Upmann
  8. Hoyo de Monterrey
  9. Cuaba
  10. Alec Bradley

All these premium brands have provided their customers with premium products and packaging as well. The popular demographics for cigar smoking includes elder people who are crazy rich. This is because not only each brand provides distinct features, they also provide a fuller experience of luxury; this is the main reason why the prices are high.

How Demographics play a role in cigar consumption?

The relation of demographics is directly proportional to the packaging and that too, age-wise. As said before, because older people are into cigars, they prefer elegance over vibrancy or craziness. Packaging of any product plays a huge role in the right marketing of the products. As for cigars, aesthetic packaging plays a major role in branding, promotional campaigns, increase in sales and all. It is righteously said that, “cigars are an art” and there is no denial in that. According to a research, every person who is into smoking cigars had their own choice of flavor and brand. However, the purchasing power and the availability of a certain cigar also affects the buying behavior of people.

Role of Color and its Relation to Demographics

As mentioned before, packaging plays a great role in popularity of cigars. Packaging of any product has its own customization process but the basic thing which attracts a consumer is the color of the product packaging. The colors of the cigar boxes need to match with demographics’ requirement of aesthetic packaging. According to psychological theories and different marketing researches, it is said that color of a products’ packaging is the driving factor in attracting customers towards it. They say that teenagers are more into vibrant colors while the older people are more into rich colors or deep and elegant colors.

Custom Cigarette Boxes

Customer Loyalty

The most important thing for any kind of cigar brand is to have customer loyalty but there are ways to retain customers. One of which, the most significant one has to be the overall quality provision in the products. If a cigar has a distinct flavor and is manufactured perfectly, its packaging should be of equally high quality to attract consumers towards it.


Now, we shall talk about the various box styles that can be adopted for cigar packaging:

  • Sleeve Boxes

The most common form of cigar packaging has to be sleeve boxes. This is the style in which cigars are inside the tray and are slid out for opening.

  • Rigid Boxes

This is the luxury packaging style which is probably the hardest material for cigar packaging. This box is made out of hardcore chipboard layers and the closure is a magnetic flap to add a touch of glamor and luxury.

  • Tuck in Boxes

The mainstream style for every kind of tobacco product is either a tuck in box or a hinged lid box. The other end of these box styles is either a sealed end or an auto lock bottom.


In the terms of customization, you can refer to graphics as design. This is definitely an important thing because it is the first thing to attract a person towards the product. As mentioned earlier, the designs and customization depends on the demand of demographics. People who actually smoke cigars and are into the hobby of enjoying its rich flavor prefer plain and simple logos along with a minimal design template.

In essence, the high quality packaging is to increase the longevity of the product. The sole purpose of sturdy packaging is to protect the cigars in the best way possible. Moreover, this also gives out a strong impression of the cigar brand and this will single handedly attract customers towards your product. For more information regarding custom cigar boxes, you can contact Custom Cigarette Boxes at SUPPORT@CUSTOMCIGARETTEBOXES.COM.